9 Fab Unisex Leggings & Trousers

Here is a selection of Unisex Leggings and Trousers from the independent brands and retailers Junior Style support.blog legging collage


Over the last few years we have seen a number of brands launching unisex collections for children.  I like this idea, as clothing is then based on function rather than gender.  Also, clothing can then be passed on to further siblings and stay in the family, regardless of the sex of the new child and therefore creating a more substainable approach, rather than a throw away culture of disposable fashion!

I love bright colours and interesting prints, …….there are no dinosaurs or fairies here!  (that is not to say that I do not like dinosaurs or fairies!)

The above item details are listed here……..

From top to bottom, left to right………

1. Great Graphic print from Loud Apparel – Issa Leggings available from Skellywear £17, 2. Boys & Girls Starline Harem pants from Busy and the Boy £28 – I love mint green at the moment and it seems to be a popular colour this Spring.  3. Easy to wear – Eclair Harem Pants from online store Lublue £30 who stock a great selection of Korean clothing brands.

4. Cool Mini Rodini Fishes Sweat pants from Monkey McCoy £40.   5. Twinkle Twinkle little Star – Stylish Trousers for the Summer from Berlin based brand Noe & Zoe from Monkey McCoy £39.  6. Fun Banana print trousers made from Organic cotton by Marmalade Sky from Sidneyboo £17.

7. Comfy Cotton Trousers made from Calico by Design Led Children’s clothing brand Cotton Sparrow £21.50.  8. Cool and comfy Palm Tree Print Trousers by Nadadelazos from Sidneyboo £25.  9. Nununu Baggy Star print pants from online retailer Skellywear £30.

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