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Monday Model Feature: Child Model Lulu Lam

Monday Model Feature: Lulu Lam

Meet this week’s Monday Model, Lulu Lam who wants to inspire others to embrace their ethnicity and uniqueness as Lulu believes everyone has a gift and a time to shine no matter their background.

Monday Model Feature: Anja Chevalier

Monday Model Feature: Anja Chevalier

Seven-year-old Anja has Autism, ADHD, OCD and suffers from extreme anxiety. Anja’s mother Jennifer, explains how her daughter seems to come into her own when modelling and all her troubles seem to leave her at these times.

Monday Model Feature: Noemi Longo

Meet 10-year-old Noemi from Italy who has been modelling for two years, and in this short time, Noemi has modelled for brands such as Fun Fun, Zuiki, Benetton, Richmond and many others and she enjoys gymnastics.

Monday Model Feature: Ty-Elle #kidsmodel #teenmodel

Monday Model: Ty-Elle

Thirteen-year-old Tyl-Elle is in the 8th grade in Junior High school. Tyl-Elle enjoys her studies, especially history and language and she also enjoys studying and playing the piano.

Monday Model Mackenzie Reece Rogers #teenmodel #pageants

Monday Model: Mackenzie Reece Rogers

Thirteen-year-old Mackenzie Reece Rogers is a member of her school’s chorus club and loves performing at singing events at school functions and community events. Mackenzie would love to study Fashion Design or Photography and she loves modelling and taking part in pageants.

Monday Model Feature: Markus Reinsalu

Monday Model Feature: Markus Reinsalu

Meet 10-year-old Markus Reinsalu who has already walked at many fashion shows around the world, including Riga Fashion Week, Soochi and Dubai fashion shows and whose biggest wish is for peace in all the world.

Monday Model Feature: Philipp Rubinstein #childmodel #kidmodel

Monday Model Feature: Philipp Rubinstein

Meet eight-year-old Philipp Rubinstein from Minsk, Belarus who has been modelling for three years and has worked with major Russian brands. Philipp dreams of working outside his homeland and with worldwide fashion labels.