Aleksandra Ataca
Aleksandra Ataca
Junior Style is the influencer of influencers.

Junior Style is the largest children’s fashion network and community globally. Our mission is to boost the visibility of the world’s top emerging children’s fashion brands, connecting them with parents, children’s lifestyle influencers, and consumers.

Our content mix, found on our blog, magazine, and social platforms, covers it all: from cool fashion editorials and children’s brand features to event highlights, trade show reports, fashion tips, interviews, and our own award. We also aim to support emerging creatives and young talents. Junior Style has built a reputation for its ability to introduce unique brands to a wider audience, positioning itself as an invaluable resource for gaining both media exposure and valuable business guidance.

Founded by Romaine Coonghe in 2014, Junior Style is now led by editor-in-chief and owner Aleksandra Ataca  read here

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JuniorStyle is a project of Alexandra Concept Corp.