Anelia Alaudin: In the Woods, in the Fall

In the Woods, in the Fall

“Look at the different coloured leaves, Swaying gently with the breeze, Lovely reds, browns and greens, All waiting to fall from the trees.

When they leave they twist and turn, Ready to join the masses of fern, Landing softly on the ground, You can taste the smell of autumn, all around.”

by Ernestine Northover.

In the Woods, in the Fall

When I think of autumn, I think of pumpkins & spices & crackling fires. I also think of long walks in gold-draped forests. It’s amazing how the rays of sunlight sneak in through the canopy of trees and create magic where the leaves glint and gleam with the everchanging hues of the autumnal shades.

Most animals go into hiding as the air gets cooler and crisper, but if you’re lucky you might catch a squirrel or two, and the bushy tail of an elusive fox blending in with the colours of fall.

Midi, flowy dresses are essential this season, and paired with tall boots are the perfect stylish ensemble for a gander into the woods in search of a pile golden leaves to jump and kick into.

In the Woods, in the Fall

In the Woods, in the Fall

In the Woods, in the Fall

In the Woods, in the Fall


Style & PhotographyAnelia Alaudin

Model: Maia

Clothing: Dress 1 (black) by Kaleidoscope Kidswear, Dress 2 (pinafore) by Fish & Kids from Den and Patch  – paired with sweatshirt by Bobo Choses from babyshop.




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