Anton et Zea, a Chic grown-up style for Children

blog af antonetzea intro Your little-ones often like to mimic you as it their way to learn and develope. Children enjoy dressing like you. They are also allowed to develope their own fashion taste by wearing tiny adults clothing.
This week, I am glad to present Anton et Zea, a Parisian children’s wear brand which adapts the stylish adult’s dressing to your Children.
Céline Dupont, the Designer of Anton et Zea said “As a kid, I would spend long hours watching my grand-mother who could transform rags into clothes of all kinds. She was a seamstress into the Parisian Haute Couture and knew how to do everything… but her style, elegant and refined, made all the difference”. 

Celine uses the finest materials from Couture Houses collections in Paris, in Italy or Europe and transforms them in a chic and comfortable collection. Celline doesn’t forget that kids still need to move, so her collections are not over-sophisticated.







Anton et Zea childrenswear re-interprets classics through timeless shapes and smart basics. The different collections are inspired by the romantic dandy, the scandinavian style of the 50s, the 17th century Flemish painting and silent movies.

The references to Charlie Chaplin.


Back to the 20’s with this Kate Dress and its low waistline



The “Gavroche” Retro Style with the cap and granddas’ trousers

The Romantic Side.


The dandy style with the “Violette” jacket and the “Maeva” shirt.

A Scandinavian Feel.


Scandinavian style of the 50s with this spotty dress.


Céline also wants to show that style and ethic can be compatible. That’s why she always choose’s the finest materials (silk, cotton,linen, wool and cashmere) using natural and well – recycled material with the minimal process in terms of chemical treatment. The whole collection is made in Europe in an ethical way.

Felix Skirt – Blue & Clara Red Spinning Skirt

Anton et Zea is available this week on TendreDeal Boutique at a fraction of the price.


See you next week with another amazing French brand,



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