AW20 Trends Perfect For Living The Lockdown Life!

AW20 Trends Perfect For Living The Lockdown Life!

Autumn/Winter 2020 fashion trends are truly comfortable and cosy.

With many kids learning online at home due to the lockdowns and us all being limited in places to go out, you littles can still express themselves through fashion at home. As the weather continues to get colder and darker incorporating some of the pieces featured below will keep your little one happy and comfortable so they can focus on their work and yet still feel stylish!

The past few years a big trend in fashion has been the athleisure market. Athleisure style is combining athletic wear with comfortable fabrics, it enables you to wear your favourite sports clothes as streetwear.

 Since everyone is staying at home more during the lockdown, follow this trend to feel as good as you look!

AW20 Trends Perfect For Living The Lockdown Life!

Colour Therapy

Usually, Fall-Winter Collections consist of darker colours, this year it’s all about the primary colours.  This type of colour therapy helps with brightening moods.  Wearing your favourite Kukukid Dino Puffer Vest at home not only saves electricity but puts a smile on your face.

Another trend is tie-dye.  I don’t know about you but our attempts didn’t look as good as Molo’s. We love the Molo Tie-dye Sweatshirt with the print of a tie-dye spiral and the Velour Sweatpants as above. Rainbow colours will be sure to lift spirits.

AW20 Trends Perfect For Living The Lockdown Life!

It’s the Details

Another way to express yourself (and look cool for Zoom!) is it to look for everyday pieces but with amazing little details.  Puffy sleeves continue in popularity and have made their way to athleisure clothing.  Now we also see quirky prints, interesting fabrics such as velvet, sherpa and faux fur, unexpected accents like zippers, collars and ruffles all finish your perfect look at home.

We love Jelly Mallow Cherry Unisex Lounge Suit.  The zippers at the legs allow you to pull on a cosy pair of Uggs easily!

Boden’s fun Space theme look is perfect.  Although the top is made of cruelty-free sherpa fabric, it matches the rocket appliques on the Out Of This World Joggers.

River Island’s ultra-feminine sweatshirt with a lace collar and rhinestones gives your little one a Princess Diana kind of vibe.  Paired with Caroline Bosman’s pink frill track pants makes it fun and more Lady Gaga.

AW20 Trends Perfect For Living The Lockdown Life!

Back to the 90’s

The infamous 90’s windbreaker gives every mom Saved by the Bell vibes! But it also has made its way back into fashion but with a new take. Combining colours, fun prints, and modern details, this retrograde jumper can be paired with any bottom.

Mini Rodini’s pullover combines cool leopard print along with primary colours. It’s perfect for families to hand me down between brothers and sisters.

Stella Kids sustainable clothing makes the Logo Sport top a good buy. It always feels good to be saving the earth.

Hummel is bringing also the 70’s back on their take of the windbreaker in this Colour Block Longline Sweatshirt. We love the muted colours and cool Danish style.

Jelly Alligator meticulously construct each item and then they are sewn together by seamstresses in Europe.  Their new Steam Punk collection is completely unique and fun and we love the Cupids Arrow Track Top above.

We hope you have found some inspiration for these homeschooling days during the pandemic and the lockdown!




A little bit about Contributor Jane Ergils.

Mother to Orly and Teddy, Jane grew up in a suburb of NYC with a shopping-obsessed mother. Jane adores fashion and before having her children, she gained a lot of experience in the fashion industry working for an NYC fashion magazine and as a booker with a modelling agency.

Daughter Orly was scouted at the tender age of three. Using her knowledge of the industry and the skills learnt working in fashion including her love of photography, Jane now not only helps support her kids in modelling but creates content for brands and boutiques and more recently her blog Mini Embassy, a new project Jane launched recently as a supportive mom community.  Jane is hoping to inspire other moms by being positive, showcasing her work and offering any modelling tips and advice.

For the past 6 years Jane who is of Korean & Latvian heritage has put her career as a Gemmologist on hold due to her husband’s work which has meant they have lived in China, India as well as the US and now Poland!

Check out the Mini Embassy blog or follow on Instagram @miniembassy







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