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fashion claregreen backtobasicsheaderHi, hope you all had a fab Christmas! I had a lovely break, getting back into a routine is taking some getting used to though! Like most people one of my New Year resolutions is focused on health, every year it’s the same as I am not naturally inclined to go out of my way to excersie, however whith age comes wisdom (or so they say!) and I have finally figured out what works for me and what I enjoy. I think the key things here are enjoyment and what works, so I LOVE my Zumba classes (reminds me of going clubbing!) and I am trying to do more walking – something else I enjoy that can be fitted in with erands, so is also useful! fashion claregreen backtobasics2

All this has also got me thinking about our kids health which is more and more on the agenda especially with childhood obesity on the up. It is obviously great to get your kids into organised sport and excerise but also getting them to walk and generally be more active is also key – so my post this month is looking at some great basic jersey pieces that kids can wear everyday and be active in! Good jersey pieces are a must in any wardrobe as they are great for excersise but also for layering in cold weather and to make clothes last that little bit longer, for example by teaming a slightly too short skirt or dress with a pair of leggings (also good in colder weather!)

Any of you who regularly read this post know that I am a fan of Fieldlife ( – a British designed and made brand that do some great basics, my girls have the jeans and also some of the t-shirts, here I have picked out some of their plain tops and also their fab stripey ones. Main pic – Ecru /Green Stripe long sleeve T £18 ages 2-8 (also available in Ecru/Pink,) Top right – S/S Bright Yellow T £16 ages 2-8 (also available in washed blue,) Centre pic – Boys S/S Navy / Ecru Stripe T £16 ages 2-8, Bottom Right – Boys Sweatshirt in Grey £28, all are are 100% cotton.

When I stumbled across this hooded dress by Supernatural Collections (, I just had to include it! I love the combination of sporty and girly! As well as the Black / Natural colour shown, it is also available in Black / Raspberry Pink, it is made in 50% organic cotton and 50% modal jersey and comes in ages 1-5, there are also leggings available in the same fabric at £10.

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I really like the idea of these basic leggings and tops by Superlove (, they are perfect for layering on cold days or as a basic to go with more patterned items already in the wardrobe. They are made of 100% ethically sourced superfine merino wool, a fabric I am just starting to hear about. It is machine washable at 30C using a wool detergent, but as it is made of wool they don’t need washing as much as other fabrics as the wool naturally keeps you cool or warm depending on the temperature. These are an investment, but due to the stretchy nature of the fabric they should last a while, and you can be happy in the knowledge that they are also made in the UK. Pictured right is the Base Layer Top £32 and left are the Leggings £29, both are available in ages 2-6 and the following colours: in Blush Pink, Sky Blue, French Navy, Soft Red & Dove Grey.

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Another British designed and manufactured brand Immink (, also do some fab sporty type basics, they do some lovely other items too but I have picked out these as I like the comfy look of them. Top left – Childs Hoody Sky Blue with Navy Trims (also available in Donkey Brown with Sky Blue Trims,) £35 ages 2-5, Tope Right – Polo Neck Top in Leaf Green (also available in Donkey Brown,) £22 ages 2-5, Bottom Left – Ribbed Jersey Romper in Primrose Yellow (also available in Navy,) £24 ages 0-3 mths, 3-6 mths, 6-12 mths and Bottom Right – Jersey Dress in Donkey / Sky Blue (also available in Leaf Green / Sky Blue,) £30 ages 2-5, all are in 100% organic cotton.

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That’s all for this month, I hope you enjoyed reading the post and please share with me any of your favourite brands who do great basics!

Best wishes


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