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Junior Style London is pleased to share this stunning editorial by Josephina Carlier (on Instagram @josephinacarlier) which originally appeared in the 7th issue of Hooligans magazine. Scroll down for a little Q & A with the photographer.

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Jr Style:  The scenery in these photos is stunning. Where did you shoot?
Jose:  I actually shot this in Mexico during our last Christmas vacation. We were staying in this beautiful house with incredible views and I didn’t want to miss out on using it as a shooting location. So I brought tons of suits with me and luckily I have a daughter that’s used to modeling for me on vacations when I don’t have access to models

Jr Style: Care to share any behind the scenes stories with us?

Jose: I had asked my daughter weeks before if she would do this shoot for me and Hooligans and she had agreed but when it came down to actually shooting at the end of our stay (after she had acquired a bit of a tan to hide her wintery white skin) she grumpily decided that she would rather play with her siblings and cousins in the pool than stand in front of the camera.

Jr Style: Understandable.

Jose: Well, after numerous requests, some tears, and a bit of bribing I pulled her out of the pool at random times and would proceed to shoot one swimsuit at a time. Next problem: she was so mad at me for ruining her playtime that her grumpy facial expressions were ruining my photos. So my solution was for her to cover her face with her hands when she was not cooperating. I was very pleased with the end result but my extended family has made me promise not to try shooting her anymore during our peaceful family vacations.

Jr Style: OMG, that is hilarious. I can totally relate to this….except I go straight to using chocolate as bribes. Is your daughter also pleased with the result? How does she feel looking back on you interrupting her playtime? Were you able to reconcile?

Jose: It’s all an act on her part. She models all the time and loves fashion. She’s actually really good with other photographers it’s just her mom she likes to clash with. I was so mad at the time that I swore I would never shoot her again. She replied, FINE! And as soon as we got home she said I want to model again but not during holidays lol. I did a Wovenplay shoot with her for Smallish magazine a year ago during a holiday in Sonoma and the exact same thing happened. Her dad ended up having a talk with her and it turned out great. I know I should probably stop doing holiday shoots but I fall head over heels in love with the locations and who knows if I’ll ever be back.

Jr Style: I sometimes wish us mamarazzis could be like Jane Goodall, sitting in the forest with the apes, just capturing them going about their business and of course having the pictures come out AMAZING

Jose: Good idea for next time. I’ll just dress her and go hide somewhere with a long lens 🙂

Jr Style: The jungle of digital motherhood (:

From top to bottom, left to right the featured swimsuits are Crewcuts tumbling pineapples tankini, Wovenplay blue sparkle Sophie swimsuit, Wovenplay Sally polkadot dress, Wovenplay polkadot bikini, Submarine Swim palm tree ruffle bikini, Janie and Jack red and white striped two piece, Submarine Swim one piece swimmers swimsuit, Molo Neptune cactus cockatoo rashguard and Molo Nanci solid diva pink swim shorts, Janie & Jack geo floral print swimsuit

Born in Holland and raised in Iran, Jordan, Egypt, France and other assorted locales, Jose Carlier is a New York based photographer whose nomadic sense of adventure is evident in her every frame. Whether she is shooting fashion for a magazine or environmental portraits of kids, Jose’s pictures are whimsical, bold, and unexpected. Trained at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and published globally, Jose, a mother of two, has most recently focused her lens on kids. She starts with an unexpected outdoor scene, places high-energy children in it, and captures the can’t miss moments.


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