Growing Oak – I Was Born a Naturalist with Freya Lillie

Natasha Bridges has recently ventured into the world of blogging and now blogs about life with her son Oak at Growing Oak. Natasha has a passion for photography and loves to capture and document magical moments of Oak growing up in the stunning Shropshire countryside which is just near the English-Welsh border in the UK.  You can follow Natasha and Oak on Instagram @growing.oak

If you have an inquisitive mind about the world around you then you can’t go wrong with visiting the enchanting town of Shrewsbury. The birth place and home of  Charles Darwin who as early as nine had started observing and recording things he found in the natural world that surrounded him around Shrewsbury.

A carefree walk and we are surrounded with a cascade of colour and sweet scent evoking the senses and wonderment. Bold tantalizing technicoloured flowers against natural coloured timeless historical buildings are a perfect match made in heaven.

A vision British mumpreneur Michelle Jones had for her environmentally friendly baby and children Freya Lillie unisex clothing range. Natural and organic linen handmade pieces which are about simplicity and minimalism in a world of noisy patterns and colours.

A busy mum herself, Michelle knows the value of practicality and comfort. The whimsical timeless salopettes outfit made from luxurious linen will keep babies and children cool and comfortable in the warmer weather and the adjustable straps allowing comfort for growth.

The beautiful classic outfit is perfect for continuous exploration around historical Shrewsbury and climbing the great inspirational Darwin man himself with pleasurable ease and admiration. Now let’s use that magnify glass and get down with nature and experiment by picking pretty flowers to smell, touch and blow into the air.

You can follow Natasha and Oak @growing.oak

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Clothing credits:

Oak’s Linen Natural Salopettes from Freya Lillie.

Oak’s striped long sleeved top: Serendipity Organics

Oak’s Sandals: Biomecanics

Oak’s Animal Owl Mask: Homemade



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