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blog kelechi boybandI am not sure how many of you have heard of the boy group called ‘Mindless Behaviour’ ( more likely to know them if you also have a daughter over the age of 9 who is obsessed with dancing)

The American teen quartet named, Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Princeton are very talented young men who fuse R’n’B hooks, pop hooks and hip hop swag.  An absolute teen phenomenon who were manufactured but have shown they are immensely talented with their sold out tours, selling worldwide singles and albums!  This band is extremely confident, it completely oozes from them and it is extremely infectious.  I think this is why they have so many followers.

Their motto as quoted by Ray Ray is, “Anybody can be mindless.  It doesn’t matter if you’re two-years-old or eighty-two-years-old.  Be yourself.  Love who you are and love what you do, no matter what it is. That makes you mindless.”

So why am I talking about a boy band I hear you ask? Well, let me tell you………

Mindless Behaviour have an amazing sense of personal and group style.  They wear bright, bold colours and their footwear always compliments their jackets or tops.  I really love the way they use different colours that boys usually wouldn’t wear and make them look really cool.  This type of ‘Swag’ is very rarely seen in such young boys.  Obviously, I know these boys have a stylist or two but music artists these days are very much involved in all aspects of their careers and have a say in what they wear.  The fact that this group have their styling so on point is so refreshing to see.  I like the way they dress so clean but also cutting edge and they have the confidence to carry it off!  I am actually a little bit obsessed with their styling but in a healthy way,  I promise you!  They are young, fresh and dynamic and this is the type of  look that I want to bring to my clothing line.  I want it to be cool, cute and colourful.


I want young boys to be confident about the way they look and love their clothes.  So many children these days are worried about how they look and fitting in with the ‘popular’ kids.  Not fitting in with the ‘in’ crowd can effect a child’s confidence.

I want to use my clothing to encourage boys to have confidence from a young age and to carry that through to their teens.  For them to exude their confidence in the correct way and to follow their dreams and aspirations.  It is the key to living the life they have always dreamed of!

Boys clothing is perceived to be, and I quote from Keynotes Children’s wear 2011 ‘less dependant on fashion than girls’!  I think as well as making clothes comfortable, durable and affordable, clothing for boys should also be colourful, have plenty of variety and be fashionable!  Why cant boys be just as fashion conscious as girls are?  Are they not meant to look good as well?

So this is why I decided to design my own boys clothes and create Mini Men UK!  I exclusively use positive slogans to encourage children to be positive, confident and build their self -esteem as well as looking trendy!


Everyone has a dream and we need to nurture these dreams for the youth!  To teach them that if they want to be a Doctor, Lawyer, Designer, Singer, Dancer, Accountant, Entrepreneur, Footballer, Actor or whatever it is that all these aspirations can be achieved and they are all as important as each other!  Clothing is such a great way to express yourself and boys should have as much choice as girls do when it comes to getting dressed!  After all, Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love.  Beauty comes when fashion succeeds!

What is your favourite boys clothing brand?

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