Love The World Today: Children Of The World, You & Me

The Children of the Earth, You and Me collection by Love The World Today features clothing for children 0-8 years old. Designed for comfort LTWT uses cotton that is yarn-dyed with eco-friendly dyes and then handwoven by artisans in West Bengal, India.

The collection includes bright coloured clothes with pink for boys, deep functional pockets in all clothes, and includes unisex styles.  Each garment carries the brand name stitched on the garment reminding us to Love the World Today’.

LTWT uses its brand and the clothing it designs, as a medium for conversation around a more inclusive and equal world. The Children of the Earth, You And Me collection is dedicated to the times we are living in and sparking hope for a better future for our children. Brand Feature: Love The World Today

Due to the second lockdown and Covid restrictions, the brand was not able to have a photoshoot with children and so LTWT created the same visuals intended to be created with children, through a quirky language of having animals dressed in the clothes.

The imagery in a way talks about the joy of friendships our children have missed in the last year and tries to create hope for a better time and world for our children. This is beautifully reflected in the names the garments carry as well ‘Secret Keepers’, ‘Hug’, ‘Earth child’, ‘Voice of Heart’, ‘Gentle breeze’, ‘Wild and Free’, ‘Stargazers’, ‘Dancing Trees’, Moonlight’ and ‘Music of the Waves’.

Brand Feature: Love The World Today

Brand Feature: Love The World Today

Brand Feature: Love The World TodayShop the Children of the Earth, You & Me collection.

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About Love The World Today:

Love The World Today designs sustainable and ethical children’s clothing. The collections which are made in India, include newborn essentials, clothing for children 6 months – 8 years, soft cotton sleepwear, festive wear, matching mom and mini outfits and upcycled accessories.

Founded by sisters Dipti Ahuja and Dipna Daryanani and launched in October 2015. Each collection is inspired by shared childhood experiences and memories of Dipti and Dipna and a world they visualise for children.

The collections carry the beauty of Indian textile art heritage and are made in a socially and environmentally responsible way, caring for everyone and everything involved in the process of making each garment.

Fabrics are handwoven by artisans and weavers across India using natural fibres, GOTS Certified organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes.

Love the World Today – A brand that focuses on design without compromising on purpose, sustainability and ethics.


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