Chic Underwear by Jours Apres Lunes

blog af joursapres lunes introBeing Chic is looking at every little fashion detail. Wearing lingerie for a woman is cultivating her feminity. Little girls shouldn’t be exluded. I can see with my girls that their feminine side is already emerging. They love wearing dresses, jewellery, sometimes even painting their nails. I don’t feel that’s inappropriate as long as the products are for their age.

In 2010, Sophie and Mélanie, 2 sisters, mothers and experts in Lingerie, created “Jours après Lunes” (Days after Moons) as they were only finding in children’s underwear, either uncomfortable, all-cotton pieces or super sexy designs.

They offer what they call “loungerie”, a combination of lingerie and lounge wear. They are comfortable underwears, with a luxury touch and refined details. Nothing vulgar, completely suitable for all ages.

So Chic, these underwears can be worn under or over, inside or outside! Some collections are inspired by Cannes and Deauville, well known for their famous film Festivals which attract numerous celebrities. These 2 collections are perfect for your little stars.

“Croisette” Collection

blog af joursapreslunes croisette
Jours Après Lunes – “Croisette” Collection

Refering to the sun and the famous Promenade de la Croisette, this collection plays on the contrast between a casual material and a chic ribbon.

“Les Planches” collection

blog af jourapreslunes LesplanchesBaby 20150304 155950 1

Jours Après Lunes – “Les Planches”

Baby bodysuit with mini skirt inspired by Deauville and the Promenade des Planches.  This collection uses classic navy stripes and mix it with chic frills.

“Smoothies” Collection

blog af joursapreslunes lesplanches girls
Jours Après Lunes – “Les Planches” Girls Collection

The “Smoothies” range is also perfect for the return of warmer weather. The fresh and vibrant colours give a real boost.

blog af joursapreslune smoothies

Jours Après Lunes – Smoothies Collection

Are you already choosing carefully your baby or girls underwear?  Is good quality and feminine underwear important to you?
Jours Après Lunes is available on Tendre Deal Boutique this week only.

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