Chit Chat Tuesday With Designer & Stylist Alissa Bertrand

Chit Chat Tuesday With Alissa Bertrand

In this edition of Chit Chat Tuesday we are thrilled to get to know Creative designer and Stylist Alissa Bertrand who uses vintage garments and recycled fabrics to create stunning designs for her children. Follow Alissa @jabellafleur to view more of her designs.

Chit Chat Tuesday With Alissa Bertrand #vintage #vintagekidsfashion #recylcedfabric #upcycledfabric

The inspiration behind the above collection comes from the movie “Mona Lisa Smile”.  Alissa wanted to embrace 70s style adding deeper tones and pattern design. The collection is not for sale, as Alissa designed it for her twin girls Jayla & Jada and daughter Ella to mix and match for fall and beyond. Alissa would love to create a collection to allow others to enjoy her designs and style!

The photoshoot took place at Alissa’s home and was created to show that you can create really great and amazing sustainable fashion pieces from thrift garments and you can create numerous looks by mixing and matching every piece in the mini collection. The inspiration for this shoot was art students who had a voice and wanted to discuss art as more than just beauty and what you see. Kids who think outside the box.

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Chit Chat Tuesday With Alissa Bertrand #vintage #vintagekidsfashion #recylcedfabric #upcycledfabric

Where do you source your design inspiration?

My design inspiration comes from everyday life and things that inspire me such as art, photography, books, vintage fashion and other cultures.

Why did you choose to start designing clothing for your daughters?

I started designing for my daughters because I wanted to get back into sewing and designing. The girls are always there to try on clothes and be my mini muses! I originally wanted to design for women and that is something I will do!

Chit Chat Tuesday With Alissa Bertrand #vintage #vintagekidsfashion #recylcedfabric #upcycledfabric

What’s your favourite part of designing clothing for your girls?

They always love everything and enjoy what I design for them! I love the fact that they wear unique clothing no other child has.

Where do you source the fabrics for the garments you make?

All fabric is sourced from vintage and thrift items I love. Textiles and prints that I’m able to work with and can mix and match.

Chit Chat Tuesday With Alissa Bertrand #vintage #vintagekidsfashion #recylcedfabric #upcycledfabric

Do your daughters help you when creating the garments?

My daughters don’t really help in the design process unless they see a garment in the thrift store and want it in their size! I design for each girl, with their likes and styles in mind.

Do you have any plans to start your own label?

I definitely have thought about starting my own label and plan to get things moving in 2020, so others can enjoy my eclectic vibrant style.  I venture down every fashion avenue, so, there’s something for everyone’s style!

Behind the scenes images from the shoot.

Chit Chat Tuesday With Designer & Stylist Alissa Bertrand

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style aesthetic is vintage, vibrant and eclectic prints with a layered effect.

Who are your style icons, both past and present?

My style icon from the past, hands down is Erte. My favourite decade is the 1920s, so he is ultimately my one and only. Currently, I’d have to say my favourite label and design house is Gucci as they design how I see life – vibrant, layered and eclectic! I love the way Gucci use pattern and colour palettes in the most unexpected ways!

Chit Chat Tuesday With Alissa Bertrand #vintage #vintagekidsfashion #recylcedfabric #upcycledfabric

What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to share my style and designs with the world as a fashion label and be able to take care of my children with a sustainable income.

Just for fun, what book are you currently reading and what are you listening to right now?

I just actually finished reading The Book of Night Women, and I love listening to music. I love the instrumental sounds of Sundays Music: song Shades of Pemberley

What are your favourite cultural magazines/publications/podcasts? 

I don’t listen to podcasts as I’m always designing and sewing, so music is my ultimate choice to help promote design and thought. Every now and again I’ll look through “W”, Vogue, Marie Claire, etc, but I feel if I do look at magazines, it will hinder my own style and be repeating someone else’s…..but I do like browsing through Pinterest. I look through a lot of kid’s magazines online for style editorials on Instagram too!

What motivational or inspirational quote inspires you most?

I don’t really have a motivational or inspirational quote that I go by. I go by my own thoughts and processes of trying to succeed! I look at my girls for all the motivation that I need. I use this as my fuel to move forward and reach for more, by showing them that what you want is at your fingertips, it’s up to you and how far you’re willing to reach.

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Models featured: Jada, Jayla, Ella and Leon @leon_j_fried



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