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Chit Chat - Alona Shelemy and Kate

Good morning Chit Chat Tuesday readers! I hope you’re all well and have had a fabulous week! This week on Chit Chat Tuesday I am joined by the beautiful Alona Shelemy!

When it comes to jewellery there is only ONE winner for me and that is London based jewellery designer Alona Shelemy! If you’re anything like me and want your jewellery to stand out, then ByAlona is the brand for you! I recently went with my cousin Mads aka Smudge to Alona’s sample sale as she has always commented on the bits that I wear and said how much she loves them! Since becoming aware of the brand, I have racked up quite a collection as I am THE ultimate fan!!

Alona it’s so nice to see you again! Let’s start off by you telling our readers a little bit about yourself…

Hi Everyone! Jewellery has always been a big part of my life. I am the daughter of a fine jeweller which means that I have been surrounded by it from a young age. I remember playing dress up with all of my Mum’s pieces as she had a gorgeous collection of items. I studied design management at university which I really enjoyed but realised that I was happiest when I was being creative.

I decided to draw upon my knowledge of fine jewellery which had been taught to me by my father and started designing unique, edgy pieces. This is where the journey began…

The company is still so new, yet and so many celebs have been spotted wearing your pieces! That must be such an amazing feeling?

cct alona jdunn

Yes, it’s so exciting! There’s always that worry as a designer when you reveal a new collection of how it’s going to be taken! I just hope that we continue to get positive responses from each new collection that we bring out!

Not that I need convincing BUT what makes your pieces different from others that we see on the market?

Having come from a mixed heritage background I have always been attracted to the way in which different styles and cultures can be brought together in order to create something of beauty or elegance. I think that this is where the true inspiration of my designs originates from as I love to mix materials together which may never have been previously considered.

What are you currently working on?

We have started to release out SS14 collection via our stockists and own website, We are also working on our new AW14 collection which we will be exhibiting next week in Paris at Who’s Next.

It’s amazing that Jourdan Dunn and Laura Whitmore who are such fashion icons have been spotted wearing your pieces! Which celebs would you still love to wear your pieces?

It’s amazing to see both celebrities and members of the public wearing the pieces that you have designed. I don’t think that there is a better feeling for a designer other than seeing those around you enjoying what you have created.

But ultimate female icon is Queen Bey! Would love to see Beyonce rocking my jewellery!

What has been your inspiration for the SS14 ‘Luxe Nomad’ collection?

cct alona moodboard

I absolutely love to travel so the inspiration for this collection has come from the adventures I have had with some of my close friends.

I wanted to incorporate a spiritual aspect in to the pieces which is why we have carried on with the evil eye as they make for beautiful engravings but have also introduced a Hamsa hand which is a multi-cultural symbol of protection for its wearer.

The Karma coin bracelets have been re-worked with new neon colours and paisley prints which will be perfect for when it’s festival time! We are still going to keep our signature chokers and Tara bracelets and necklaces but will introduce new textures which will be more hard-wearing than the silk finished pieces.

Make sure you keep an eye out as there are some fab new styles!!

Can you give us any first hand info on what to look forward to with AW14?

You are going to see the collection going a bit trippy! We want to do something a bit different so we have decided to emphasize a style of surrealism. We really like the spiritual vibe so you are going to see that being carried throughout and into up and coming collections!

That’s all I’m going to say for now as I want to keep it all a surprise! All I can say is that we are very excited and looking forward to what 2014 is going to bring!!

You and me both!! I can’t wait to see the sneak peak preview! Ok last question!! If you had to recommend a piece of Alona jewellery to mum’s to buy for their kids which piece would you choose?

cct alona tarabraceletOoo that’s a hard one as I think that there are so many pieces that would be perfect! BUT if I had to choose one or two I would say the friendship bracelets OR the Tara bracelets as they are easy wearers that can be thrown on with anything!

Thank you so much for joining both Alona and myself for this week’s Chit Chat Tuesday. Join me next week for some more chinwagging! AND don’t forget to follow @BYALONA for live updates on what’s going on in Paris!
<3 Kate –x-

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Post by Kate Hill from Circus London Pr.
Photographs courtesy of Alona Shelemy.

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