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I can’t quite believe I am saying this but Happy New Year Chit Chat Tuesday readers!! I hope that you all had a fabulous New Year’s and saw 2014 in, in true style!! I was very lucky to have been able to jet off to Marbella for a week and see the New Year in with my family! However, after being very spoiled and experiencing some warmer weather, arriving back in England has been a shock to the system! Anyways, enough from me – kick starting the New Year, this week I am joined by the lovely Celine Koï from Their Nibs London!

The first time I met Celine was at the Their Nibs London press day so it’s great to have her on CCT today!!

Celine, thank you so much for joining me this week! The FIRST Chit Chat Tuesday guest of 2014!! Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your background…

I was born in France and my mum was a designer who used to make me all my dresses! It was great as I had a wardrobe which was full of beautiful unique pieces! Before I joined Their Nibs London, I worked for Little Marc Jacobs, Kenzo, Paul Smith Junior and Junior Gaultier as a brand manager.

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What made you decide to go in to childrens fashion?

My wonderful niece and nephew!!

Chit Chat - Their Nibs - 3How did the position at Their Nibs London come about?

A recruitment specialist in the fashion industry contacted me about an opportunity within Their Nibs London before the offer had even been published. I am so glad that I joined the company at that time that I did. At the time I joined the brand was rebranding and shifting to a new international strategy thanks to investment from international firm Sears Morgan. Since then a lot of challenges and new projects have arisen which has been very exciting!

What is the brand about?

Their Nibs London was born in 2003 in the area of Notting Hill. The brand is inspired by vintage aspects as well as unique hand-designed prints. The shapes and pieces which are created are influenced by Great Britain in the 50s and 60s.

Do you have any fashion secrets?

Do not hesitate to mix and match pieces! It allows you to have new and different styles which are versatile. I think that it is great to use your imagination to create exciting new looks.

What do you hope 2014 will bring for Their Nibs London?

A flagship store has just recently opened in The Village, in Westfield, White City (W12 7GF) which was very exciting. We hope to create many more achievable projects in 2014.

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What have been the best press moments to date for the brand?

It’s so hard to pick just one as there have been so many! Let’s see – the best press to date for the brand so far have been:
– Lila Grace, Kate Moss’ daughter, wearing one of our signature dress at Kate Moss’ wedding party. The dress has since been renamed “Kate dress” – Kate Moss and Sienna Miller have spoken very highly of the brand and said some lovely quotes about Their Nibs London:
* ‘Lila loves the clothes and I think they are beautiful’- Kate Moss
* ‘Beautiful! I wish they made them in my size!’ – Sienna Miller

AND not forgetting the brands 10th Anniversary party which was held in our London showroom! This is the first time I met you!!

Kate: Oh yes I remember! What a FAB party! I can’t wait until the next!

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Can you tell us what we can look forward to with Their Nibs London in 2014?

A lot of new exclusive and bespoke prints to come and also a presence in new overseas markets!

Well that’s all from me this week on Chit Chit Chat Tuesday! Don’t forget to join me next week for some more chinwagging!!
Thanks so much again to Celine for joining me this week <3

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Post by Kate Hill from Circus London Pr.
Photographs courtesy of Celine Koï from Their Nibs.

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