Chit Chat Tuesday: Meet Tine & Barbara, Co Founders of Soft Gallery

cct softgallery BarbaraHvidtTineHolt portraitGood morning, good morning, good morning!

I hope that you have all had a f-a-b-ulous start to your day and if not – DO NOT FEAR as CCT is here to pick you right up!

Joining me today are the wonderful co-founders of Scandinavian brand Soft Gallery, Tine and Barbara. We have been representing Soft Gallery at Circus London PR since January 2014 and are all huge fans!

We most recently held our AW14 press day and the garments were hugely absolutely popular amongst members of press! Trust me when I say that this AW14 you are in for a treat!!

So Lets get to it!

Tine and Barbara – thank you so much for joining me on this week’s CCT! Let’s start off by you telling us about your role at Soft Gallery and a little bit about your background…

B:Tine and I met in London, Notting Hill! We were both studying at the time. Tine studied fashion and I studied photography. I photographed Tines final master degree collection and from that day on our friendship was sealed.

Tine and I work together closely through-out the whole design process; from the very first idea till the very last final detail. After this long and intense process Tine takes care of the whole production part together with our production team and I take care of our branding, PR and work closely with our sales team.

We have now increased our collections continuously since it was established in 2007, in Copenhagen, Denmark and are represented in more than 30 countries.

Trine & Barbara Working hard on the SS15 collection.

How lovely to have been able to set up a company together with one of your close friends! Where did the name Soft Gallery come from?

T & B: The name “Soft Gallery” sprungfrom the idea of a living gallery – a soft gallery. By collaborating with artists from around the world and by bridging “art” and “clothing” the children are given a piece of art on a soft canvas!


How is Soft Gallery different to other brands on the market?

T & B: What makes us different is that we combine art and clothing in collaboration with artists from around the world.

Every season Soft Gallery commissions a refined selection of visual artists, whose individual and distinctive talents are featured in the collections as prints and hand embroideries.

The idea behind Soft Gallery emerged from a deep-felt interest in art and creative talents and the idea of sharing artistic thoughts and works with clothing as the canvas.

Our wish is to make sure that our design is timeless, high quality and unique. Collaborating with different artists helps us to broaden our minds and visions and make sure that our collections always have an organic flow of new impulses and where every little detail has been carefully thought. We very much hope that this is what people can feel when the put on a piece of Soft Gallery.

cct softgallery Tine Barbara at their office tables kopi kopi

Trine & Barbara Working on the new collection.

I think it’s great how you collaborate with different artists each season! As you said, it’s what differentiates you from other childrenswear brands on the market at the moment! So, you’ve recently taken on Circus London PR to do the PR for Soft Gallery in England – how did this opportunity present itself?

Soft Gallery is very lucky to be represented by Vida Kids Agency in the UK. Through them we were introduced to the lovely girls from Circus London PR.

That’s so kind thank you ladies – thank you! Where did your inspiration for the SS14 collection come from?

T & B: The Soft Gallery SS14 collection ‘Nostalgia’ is spun around childhood memories beautifully made into prints and embroideries by a strong line-up of visual artists shaping new unique and poetic items for children, women and home.

Pieces of memoirs have inspired this season’s prints, fabrics, colours, silhouettes and ambience. Through personal stories from the past, we have put together a magical, sophisticated and humorous collection with a scent of childhood joy.

The inspirational theme of the collection, nostalgia, has led to a burst of creative outputs from the collaborative artists. Among this seasons prints you’ll find an owl on top of an old school transistor radio listening to music, a hidden land captured in a jar, fantasy-coloured tiger, gorillas and pandas. Dandelion scattered to the wind and a big fly with shiny wings. Pineapples, lollipops and candy, tasty strawberries and ice cream embrace fanciful skater boys and roller girls – all evoking memories of bare feet on warm pebbles and endless summers.

cct softgallery pinkt1
Soft Gallery SS14

cct softgallery SS14 photshoot1

 Soft Gallery SS14

The SS14 collection is gorgeous! CCT readers – if you haven’t yet checked it out make sure you do! 

What mini celebs would you love to see wearing your pieces?

B & T: The Royal Crown Prince of Denmark has 4 beautiful children who often wear Soft Gallery.

To see Prince William and Kate Middletons gorgeous baby George in a Soft Gallery body stocking with the “Skaterboy” print by the English Artist, Julia Potts would be wonderful.

The daughter of Julian Moore, Liv, is beautiful with her long red hair and would suit the Silje dress, with rose and black pebbles print.

Apple Martin, daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin would look great in the new swimsuit with the ice cream print.

I have taken note! Watch this space…

What is Soft Gallery’s proudest moment to date?

T & B: 3 years ago we entered the Japanese market. That was quite unique and special. It’s so different in Japan as it’s so far away in cultural understanding. It’s amazing to be able to reach out, and see how fascinated people are, and that they have the desire to wear Soft Gallery.

That was a proud moment!

My cousin is doing a year in Tokyo at the moment and says that it’s incredible! How long have you been collaborating with artists for?

B & T: We do co-labs all the time with great artists! Over the last 7 years we have worked with more than 50 different artist.

 cct softgallery behindthesceneSS14

SS14 Behind the Scenes.

Over 50 artists! Wow! Can you tell us exciting projects that Soft Gallery are working on at the moment?

T: Yes! We are moving into a wonderful new and bigger workspace which is very exciting for the Soft Gallery Team. We are looking very much forward to decorating and refurnishing it! AND of course welcoming all of our customers to see it.

B: We have different exciting ideas in the pipeline! One of them is to make a selection of limited pieces in collaboration with a great artist.

It sounds like it’s all happening for Soft Gallery at the moment! I can’t wait to see the selection of limited pieces! Can you reveal any inside info on the AW14 collection?

The Soft Gallery AW14 collection ‘A Glimpse’ is all about the beauty of a changing nature, rays of light, a crisp winter day and snow falling on an undisturbed landscape, Wild life, flowers and fauna and most important a world of childhood imagination.

It is about what begins when all the consistency ends. A glimpse never stands alone but is followed by a question, a wonder, a feeling of fear, joy or hope. Your mind will follow a glimpse like Alice did the white rabbit or Edmund the faun in Narnia. And when you’re not sure of what you saw or what you know, and can’t follow the fragment but are left with the glimpse, imagination takes over.

The collection has been created in cooperation with 20 amazing artists:

Katy Smail, Scotland – Julia Pott England –
Rachel Caldwell, USA – Kitt Stuart Schwenn, Denmark – Marie Lisborg, Denmark,
Sandra Dieckmann, England – Marc Vila, Spain – Pretty Little Thieves, United States – Kareena Zerefos, England – Pernille Møller, Denmark – Ian Macarthur, England – Malene Hvidt, Denmark
– Kristina Trautner, Denmark – Julie Hyld, Denmark – Jennifer Bouron, – France, Robert Farkas, Hungary – Lauren Mortimer, England – Rachel Caldwell, United States – Julie Hyld, Denmark –
Stefanie Møller, Denmark

I absolutely LOVE the AW14 collection and can’t wait for it to be launched in-store! It has had such a good reception from press at our AW14 press day so I can only imagine that members of the public will give the same re-action! AND if not then they must be crazy!! Where is the brand available to buy in the UK?

B & T:, , www.scandinavien Orfeo, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Fenwick and many more lovely shops and e-shops

Vida Kids are a fantastic UK sales agency! How do you want children to feel when they wear Soft Gallery?

T & B: Comfortable in a poetic and artistic state of mind.

How do you feel when you see kids wearing your designs?

T & B: Happy and proud! When it becomes the kids favourite items it is great feeling for us.

cct softgallery DESIGNING SS15

Trine & Barbara Discussing SS15 collections.

The simple pleasures in life are always the greatest! Ok so you’re both so busy – please tell us what do you do to relax…

T: I love spending time with my kids, husband and friends. I also enjoy doing Pilates and dance classes. I recently went to Louisiana which is a great museum North of Copenhagen. I went to see the exhibition with Hilda in Klint, a Swedish painter. My daughter and I made clay owls, which I really enjoyed.

When I have time – I love to read. However, at the moment I have very little spare…

B: Travelling with the family is when I relax the most; skiing, warm places by the beach or a city trip to places such as Paris or New York! This is when I allow myself to let go of all practical thoughts and work besides from just giving my kids full time attention. This is the time I get inspired and absorb new ideas.

I also like to keep fit! I enjoy running and doing Pilates as they help me to keep a healthy mind and body! This is very important to me!

I like the way you think ladies! I agree – I think that it is very important to keep healthy! As they say – a healthy body means a healthy mind! I am a true believer of this!

Thank you so much for joining me this week on CCT! It has been lovely speaking to you and hearing more about the fantastic duo behind the brand Soft Gallery!

Join me next week for lots more chinwagging! AND don’t forget that Monday is a bank holiday so Tuesday aka CCT day will be your first day back to work! Enjoy <3 Kate xox

Soft Gallery website :-

All images belong to Soft Gallery, please do not use the images without the consent of Soft Gallery.

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