Chit Chat Tuesday: Meet Alexis G McVicker from Little Name in New York

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Good morning Chit Chat readers! After a week of warmth and a taste of Arabian culture I am back! AND what a week to come back to…LFW! Unfortunately, I won’t be attending any of the shows but I love catching up on all of the news and what up and coming trends we are going to be looking forward to! Last week NY dazzled us with some incredible runway shows but my oh my did you all see the Beckham brood on the FROW on VB’s catwalk show? It was too gorgeous!!

Anyways, enough from me, lets get down to some chinwagging! This week I am joined by first time Mum to be, fashion entrepreneur Alexis G Mcvicker all the way from the BIG NYC!

CCT Alexis

Alexis thank you so much for joining us today on CCT! Let’s start off by you telling us all a little bit about yourself and your background…

I have been fortunate to work as an apparel print designer for companies such as Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Nike, and Osh Kosh B’gosh. I have also been gifted with the opportunity to teach fashion design students at Philadelphia University! As well as this I have also started to dabble in some Magazine Editing / Contributing while I independently develop the first year of my own Childrenswear brand and collection (made in Nyc) called LITTLE NAME.

Wow talk about busy Alexis! What encouraged you to start your own company?

I have always wanted to create a brand of my own, which had my own vision as well as creations.

I began with degrees in fine art photography, graphic design, and textile/surface design. These all lead me to realize that I could find a career and profession within what inspired me. This being thoughtful impactful design, prints and fashion.

What helps you to inspire your designs?

I draw from a vintage nostalgia that is both inspired by nature and minimal playful elements.

I love creating conversational prints as well as a series of prints that not only speak to each other but that can then begin to evolve into a little story of their own.

Why did you decide to go in to childrenswear?
I have always been drawn to the inventive and raw pure qualities of a child’s thoughtful mind which is untainted and honest but creative and free in discovery.
I love to create something that could inspire a child to express and find themselves or make them feel even ;more comfortable in their own skin.
For me as a designer, this in one of the most rewarding feelings!
CCT Little Name
What makes your products different to other childrenswear products on the market at the moment?
I feel that the design of my products and garments are not only driven by aesthetic, but lead by functionality and interactive design.
I’d love to create items that contain a little life of their own and can be truly loved and understood by the consumer.

Are there any celebrity children that you would love to see wearing your pieces?

If Audrey Hepburn had a daughter, I would love to meet her and speak to her. I would ask her what inspires her, what she would love to wear and how the clothing would make her feel when she is wearing it.

CCT Little Name 3-4

As well as your own label, are there any other projects that you are working on at the moment?

I am the new Print Stylist and Colour & Concept Editor for a new exciting Childrenswear trend Magazine called STYLO magazine.

I am also excitedly the new NYC Contributing Blogger for Junior Style!

Congratulations, that’s amazing! You really are a busy bee at the moment…

Tell us about the SS14/AW14 collection!

My Spring/Summer debut collection was actually designed in mind to flexibly transition into Fall. I took the concept of ‘Back to School’ and developed this by creating pieces which could be layered. I wanted the garments to be of a weather resistant quality, such as with the reversible Rain Cloaks. This is a piece that can also be worn by a mother or child!

In England we have a lot of rain so the Rain Cloak would be a perfect ‘Back to School’ item of clothing for kids and Mum’s on the school run!

Have you got a fun fact that you can share with us?

I am a triplet AND 8-months pregnant with our first child! It’s a girl!
cct agv 5 How exciting – congratulations!! I am so happy for you! She will be THE perfect model for you!

What’s the most exciting project or event you have done in your career to date?

Through all the amazing travels and opportunities that I have been so fortunate to have, I have to say that my/our endeavour to soon meet our baby girl and build our family has been the most exciting development and challenge.

I am so eager to witness how she views the world and by extension how it changes how I view my creative and moral world.

For more information on Little Name and to view the collection, visit Little Names official website:

Thank you so much for joining both Alexis and myself on today’s CCT! Wishing Alexis all the best with her pregnancy (not long to go now) and all of the exciting projects that she is working on!!

Join me next week for some more chinwagging!

<3 Kate x-x


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  • I saw Little Name’s booth at a large trade show in NYC and was blown away by her truly original and innovative fashion sense. The clothes are amazing and in one of those dream scenario’s you look for in talented people, she’s amazing too. I really hope people notice what she’s doing, because it’s special.

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