Chit Chat Tuesday: Meet brothers Louis & Nevin Ahmet

blog cct louisandnevin portrait of the brothersGood morning CCT readers I hope that you are well, refreshed and ready for the day ahead!

Today on CCT I am joined by two adorable cuties Louis and Nevin! I first saw the brothers when they modelled at Global Kids Fashion Show last year in March and then went on to meet them at various Circus London PR events! They are both an absolute delight and I am so pleased that they are joining me for a chinwag today!

Boys it’s so lovely to see you.  Thanks so much for joining me (and the CCT readers) today!

Let’s start off by you telling everyone how old are you are…

Louis: I am 8 nearly 9

Nevin: I am 4 going to big school soon!!

Waheeey how exciting Nev! Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Louis: I live with my Mum, Dad and little brother Nevin. I love to dance so much – I am always learning new moves from the Internet . I love to make computer games and animation too. I collect Doctor Who toys and love to dress like him.

Nevin: I like batman and capes. I love to sing and dance like my brother. I like to play on my tablet – I can play games.

You guys are great dancers! We loved the show you put on for us at our Circus Christmas party (this can be seen on the Circus YouTube page) Right – how long have you been strutting your stuff for aka modelling for?

Louis: All my life (5 Years)

Nevin: 6 hours (2 years)

blog cct louisandnevin image1 Louis in a recent Argos campaign

6 hours Nev!! Blimmey that must have been a long 6 hours haha! When did you first get in to modelling?

Louis: When I was little but I loved having my picture taken. Everyone tells me that I was always posing.

Nevin: I did it with my brother (Nevins 1st job was Global kids fashion week when he walked down the catwalk with Louis)

I remember seeing you at Global Kids Fashion Week!  That must have been so much fun walking down the Catwalk together!  What shoot have you had the most fun on?

Louis: I have a few but I loved doing the film Les Miserable. I had so much fun and got to go to Pinewood studios and eat steak for lunch. I love steak. I also liked a photo shoot I did for a magazine and I got to dance for the whole shoot. That was awesome. I liked the photographer too because she was in to animation.

Nevin: I liked it when they had a clown for me when they took my pictures. When I was waiting he played with me. I got to spin a plate.
blog cct louisandnevin image2

Louis for Joden photography – Vintage shoot

It sounds like you have both been had a lot of fun on set and on the shoots that you have done! Do you think I should give it a go haha (No I shall leave it to you pros)! Do you ever get nervous when you’re on set?

Louis: No! The only time I got a bit nervous was when I danced for Great Ormond Street as a lot of people were watching and it was my 1st time! But I loved it and can’t wait to do it again.

Nevin: No mummy is with me.
blog cct Louisandnevin Baby and Me Magazine

Image by Emma Tonbridge

It’s nice that Mummy gets to come along isn’t it? Are you interested in clothes/fashion?

Louis: I love to dress in shirts and bow ties just like the doctor. I like to wear nice clothes.

Circus Charli’s little boy Rocka-Red loves bow ties too! They look fab on!

Nevin: I like to wear clothes like super heroes! I like what Marti from back to the future wears.  I have the same shoes.

You have the same shoes as Marti from back to the future? Wow now that is cool!! What are your favourite things to wear? Have you got a favourite brand?

Louis: I love my skinny jeans and hooded cool top I have. They’re from Scotch Shrunk and I wear them all the time.  I love clothes I can wear to dance in. I love some cool clothes I wear on shoots and Mum sometimes buys them for me. Oh and I love my shoes like Michael Jackson they are so awesome.

So pleased to hear that you love your Scotch Shrunk items!!

Nevin: I love my boy leggings especially my skull ones and my white Marti shoes like back to the future the best. My leggings are from La Loi and my trainers are Nike Air Max 1.

I am a huge fan of Air Max’s too! I live in mine so I am completely on your wave length!

Louis in Junior Magazine, Styled by Emma Smith – Image by Tom Leighton

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Louis: I like to dance and act. I love to make my own games on my laptop. I have started to do ‘Scription’ on my computer and I am teaching myself from the Internet. I love to make animation. I like all sports too and playing with my friends.

You’re a computer whizz!

Nevin: I like to sing on my microphone and dance like my brother. I like to play with my batman toys and Lego.

Blog cct louisandnevin nevin image


Will we be seeing you on BGT soon as a double act?  Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

Louis: I want to be an actor and play the Doctor one day. I would also like my own computer games company.

Nevin: I want to be batman and sing like Justin Bieber! He looks cool.

Brilliant Nev! That would be a pretty fab combination!  What type of music are you in to?

Louis: I love Michael Jackson songs – all of them. He was amazing and I love to dance like him too. I also love Will I Am – especially the song ‘bang bang.’ I love what he wears in that video.

Will I Am is a pretty cool guy! I love what he wears too!

Nevin: Justin Bieber the baby baby song. I like Will I am too like my brother.

I’m quite a Bieber fan too! Have you got a style icon?

Louis: I love all Michael Jackson outfits and what Will I am wears – he is super cool. I have sun glasses like him.

Will I Am better watch out then as he may have some fashion competition!

Nevin: Justin Bieber and One Direction.

I’m a huge One D fan! I would definitely see them in concert! So boys…have you got lots of shoots lined up?

Louis: I am doing a television commercial this week and I am so excited as I get to play games.

That sounds like the perfect job to be on!

Nevin: I am going to have some pictures taken soon.

Boys it has been so nice having you on the show today! Thank you so much for joining me! Keep me updated on all of your exciting news!

Join me next week for lots more chinwagging!

Have a wonderful week everyone <3 Kate xox

Intro image by a photographer name is Lisa Visser. Louis and Nevin

Second image -Argos Campaign

Third image –  Test shoot for Joden photography – Louis

Fourth image – Louis in editorial by photgrapher Emma Tunbridge.  The image was in Baby and Me Magazine

Fifth image- featured in Junior Magazine, photo by Tom Leighton and was a test shoot for children’s fashion stylist Emma Smith from Little Style Fix. The picture was featured in Junior.  Louis modelling.

Last image – Nevin – Image taken by Lisa Visser.

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