Chit Chat Tuesday: Meet Carly Gledhill, the designer from Corby Tindersticks

blog corcbytindersticks carly imageGood Morning CCT readers! I hope that you all had a fabulous weekend and were able to take advantage of the glorious sunshine! I know we keep on saying it but could this officially be the beginning of summer?! I really hope so!

Have you all started planning your holidays? This is something that I am trying to plan at the moment and don’t seem to be getting very far!  My aim is to have it all sorted by the end of the week! I shall keep you updated…

Joining me this week on CCT is designer and ‘tea maker’ Carly from creative brand Corby Tindersticks for both kids and adults! Please join me in welcoming Carly on to the show….

Carly thank you so much for joining me today on CCT! Let’s start off by you telling…Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Corby Tindersticks…

Hi Everyone! My name’s Carly Janet Gledhill and I’m the designer, maker and tea lady at Corby Tindersticks.

You’re already in my good books! We are huge fans of Chai tea in the Circus office! After lots of experimentation our local Café have gotten it down to a T! How did the opportunity at Corby Tindersticks come about?

I started Corby as an outlet aside from a boring day job! It began as a hobby and sprouted into a little business which soon took over my life and kitchen table!

What’s your background?

I won a colouring competition at a local park at the age of 7 and realised that being creative was my calling.

I went on to University to study textile design and illustration before getting a job as a children’s clothing designer, and High School musical t-shirt designing expert.

blog cct carlygledhill goupCorby Tindersticks Summer 2014

Did you always know you wanted to go in to childrenswear?

I always loved drawing characters and designing with my imagination. I was more inspired by Enid Blyton stories than the catwalk so it felt quite natural to head in that direction.

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I graduated so I started an MA in children’s book illustration which seemed more suited to my style of illustration. It also allowed me to mix in my love of textiles too which was something I felt strongly passionate about.

I wasn’t a big reader when I was younger but the Enid Blyton books were up there as one of my faves! Can you tell us a little bit about the brand and what Corby Tindersticks is all about?

Corby is a brand with a love for childhood obsessions, collecting, making, digging in the mud and making art with pasta! These are all things which inspire the design process. I still get excited with little things that I loved as a child (like cool sticker books and collecting) which is why I try and incorporate all of these aspects in to the designs.

blog cct corby baby body

 Corby Tindersticks Baby Body

blog cct carlygledhill jonty

Jonti one of the Corby Tindersticks Characters

Are you working on any exciting projects at the moment?

I have just finished designing the Summer 2015 range which is behind schedule as usual! I’m really excited with the new collection as it has an approach to the previous collections.

I’m bored of Scandinavian minimalism, so it’s colourful and very fun! Hopefully refreshing too!

I’m also collaborating with a good friend of mine Catherine Lobster on a Poco Nido/Corby project (Poco Sticks!) to launch at Playtime Paris this summer.

I’m also a co-founder of the Dot to Dot London trade showroom which is going to take place 12/13th July at the V&A Museum of Childhood. We have some ace brands joining us this season and the show is growing so it’s really exciting to be part of it!

Wow how do you keep up with it all? It’s fab that you have so much going on at the moment! What makes CT different to other brands on the market?

It comes from the heart rather than a need to follow trends and make a profit. Soppy I know but it’s the truth!

blog cct corbytindersticks map

Corby Tindersticks Interactive Map

Would you consider collaborations?

Definitely! I’m always interested in working with interesting people! I’d love to make a cartoon with my characters or do an exhibition at a gallery and make some large scale guys. There are just not enough hours in the day!

I’m with you on that! Time absolutely flies! What can we look forward to with the AW14 collection?

There’s an expanded clothing range which has a couple of varsity jackets and my favourite item – the dinosaur romper. I have introduced cushions for the first time and also the ace interactive clock which helps kids learn to tell the time in style!

blog cct corbytindersticks dino romper

Dino Romper for AW14


blog cct carlygledhill aw14 clock

Interavtive Clock NEW for AW14

That sounds wicked I can’t wait to see it! If you were stranded on an island – which three individuals would you want to be stuck with?

My partner Nicholas would be my first choice! My second choice would have to be Professor Brian Cox (so he could point out constellations, obviously.) And my third and final choice would be that Bear Grylls man as he seems practical.

Thank you so much to Carly for joining us today and for giving us some background info on Corby Tindersticks and some insider goss on what’s to come! Join me next week for lots more chinwagging after bank holiday Monday! Sending you lots of sunshine and smiles

Carly’s Corby Tindersticks – SS14 collection is available online and in stores now.  Visit

Images courtesy of Corby Tindersticks.

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