Chit Chat Tuesday: Meet Deborah Sfez Fashion Editor from Papier Mâché

cct papermache image1Good morning CCT readers! I hope that you are all well and ready for the week ahead! I had my first taster of the Christmas shopper crowds this weekend and my oh my was that an experience! I can’t quite beIieve that I am saying this but I couldn’t wait to get out! We are only mid way through November and the majority of the stores were already playing their Christmas playlist!

It is busy as ever at the Circus at the moment and we have a very exciting meeting today about a fabulous collaboration! All I can see is watch this space!!

Anyways enough chinwagging let’s get to it ! Today on CCT I have French freelance fashion editor Deborah Sfez from one of my ultimate fave publications Papier Mâché.

Deborah, thank you so much for joining us on CCT today, it’s so lovely to have you! Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself and your background…

Good morning everyone! I come from Paris, live in Lyon, work in Europe! No, I am not a pilot but a French freelance fashion editor specializing in the children’s wear industry.

After graduating in foreign languages and communication, I worked as a press agent in Paris for a few years. Keen on globetrotting, a friend & I decided to move to Australia for a year. We spent six months travelling around and I literally fell in love with this amazing country. This experience was not only a trip to discover the world, but also and above all, discover myself in a different environment. Once back home, it took me a little while to stop thinking of travelling but I was definitely up and ready for new adventures in my professional career!

Today, I love my job. I like working around kids every day. I simply love how they are so cheerful, honest and spontaneous. This is where I find my daily inspiration (and stupid jokes too).

cct papermache deborahStylist Deborah Sfez
I am with you on that one Deborah! I absolutely loved travelling and was exactly the same as you when I came home! I had to give myself little pep talks to snap out of it (ha)!  How did the opportunity at Papier Mâché come about?
After travelling for a while, I settled down in Sydney, Australia, where I met Beck Marshall (the editor in chief of Papier Mâché magazine) and the cool Papier Mâché team which consists of Paul Peterson (Design) and Alice Elliot-Pimm (Art Director).
Once back to France, we decided to keep working together and turned all these miles between us into a plus for the magazine. Indeed, my being on the European side proved to be a great opportunity for Papier Mâché to quickly evolve and develop itself in a constantly evolving industry – the children’s wear industry.

I also work as a freelance kids fashion stylist. I contribute to the artistic direction of different look-books and catalogues by working on looks and set design to simply and effectively tell the brands current collection in images. It reminds me of when I was a child and my mum would tell me a story at night to go to bed. What I do is the same, except now I am the story-teller.

That’s amazing that you met the members of your team whilst you were in Sydney! I’m a huge believer of fate and meeting people at the right time!  You style gorgeous shoots with stunning brands and I’m sure I can speaking for many when I say that we are very pleased that you decided turn the miles between you and your colleagues in to a plus!

Can you tell us about Papier Mâché?

Papier Mâché’s online and print platform aims to showcase artists, photographers, designers, illustrators, writers, inventors, creators, kids, dreamers, doers, and magicians. It is produced by an assortment of stylists, photographers and writers who are bound by a quest of creativity and originality.

cct papermache image2A day off – Collezioni 03 Baby #56
Photographer Mélanie Rodriguez Stylist Deborah Sfez

I know this is a very difficult questions to answer but I have to ask it – what are your favourite childrenswear brands?

Hard to tell, I don’t have a favourite brand in particular, but many favourite collections from different brands.

Each year I enjoy visiting Playtime Paris & CIFF Kids fair in Copenhagen where I find myself amazed by well-known and brand new talents. For Spring/Summer 2015, I love the collection of ‘Child-ish’ with their banana printed swimwear, the beautiful Liberty prints used by ‘Poppy Rose’, ‘Milk & Biscuits’ bathers prints and as well as the lovely ‘Caramel Baby & Child’!

cct papermache image3Ciff kids fair SS15 Campaign
Photographer Mélanie Rodriguez Stylist – Deborah Sfez – Set Design Marie Mersier – Grooming Morgane Goupy

As the Circus girls can tell you I’m a banana fab so I absolutely love the banana printed swimwear from Child-ish! What trends are you most excited about for SS15?

This season I am looking forward to XXL prints! I am currently working on the SS15 editorials for Papier Mâché and it’s so much fun going through all these beautiful collections and imagining the craziest looks with these vivid & cool prints!

That sounds incredible! Bigger and bolder – i like it! We love it when a new collection arrives in the showroom! It’s got to be one of the most exciting times!

What’s coming up for Papier Mâché?

Our next Spring/Summer 2015 publication will be out next February.

This issue, we have decided to play on 2 different themes and watch how they combine – mixing soft fairy tales with the dancing curves of our favourite shapes… We can’t wait for you to see the magic!

cct papermache image4

COMNG SOON – new editorial for Papier Mache blog – out mid-November
Photographer Lucie Cipolla – Stylist Deborah Sfez – Grooming Carole Douard

That is so exciting! I cannot wait to see the magic as the issues are absolutely stunning! February hurry up please and thank ya!  

Thank you so much for joining us on todays CCT Deborah! It’s been so lovely having you and learning about yourself and your exciting journey!

Join me next week on CCT for lots more gossip and chinwagging! Have a fabulous week AND remember…positive vibes all the way <3 Kate xox

Image Credits – Please do not copy without gaining permission from the named below.

Intro Image-

Folklore Editorial – Papier Mache #8
Photographer Mélanie Rodriguez – Stylist Deborah Sfez – Set Design Lucille Michieli – Embroideries Izziyana Suhaimi

Image 1 – Deborah Sfez

Image 2
A day off – Collezioni 03 Baby #56
Photographer Mélanie Rodriguez Stylist Deborah Sfez
Image 3
Ciff kids fair SS15 Campaign
Photographer Mélanie Rodriguez Stylist – Deborah Sfez – Set Design Marie Mersier – Grooming Morgane Goupy
Image 4
COMNG SOON – new editorial for Papier Mache blog – out mid-november
Photographer Lucie Cipolla – Stylist Deborah Sfez – Grooming Carole Douard

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