Chit Chat Tuesday: Meet Designer & Brand Owner Mary Meisel From Meet Marie Teens

In this week’s edition of Chit Chat Tuesday we catch up with the designer and brand owner of Meet Marie Teens. Mary Meisel. Mary started Meet Marie after not being able to find suitable and stylish clothing for her three daughters.  Mary designs and creates simple, yet dynamic contemporary wardrobe pieces for teens which channel the everyday version of a cool teen who is authentically true to herself, confident, joyful, and free.

Scroll down to read this week’s Chit Chat Tuesday interview with designer Mary Meisel….

Chit Chat Tuesday With Marie Meisel Owner Of Meet Marie Teens

What was the impetus for founding Meet Marie Brand? My daughters! When they were little it was so easy and fun shopping for them! But as they started to grow up it became difficult and frustrating to find comfortable and stylish clothing that we could agree on, so I decided to launch Meet Marie.

What is your background? Before Meet Marie Brand I studied International Relations and specialized in Marketing and International Commerce in Toulouse, France, and later worked for a few years in the Aerospace industry. Sometime later I returned to Colombia where I met my husband and had three wonderful daughters. During their baby years, I was a stay-at-home mom but worked occasionally as a consultant for some companies.

What do you love most about working in Fashion? I love how girls (especially Teens) feel happy and confident whenever they wear the right clothes. It is a great feeling.

Can you tell me a little more about the new collection AW23? This collection was designed so that the pieces may be trans-seasonal and versatile. I love when you can wear your favorite pieces of clothing from spring to fall and don’t have to put them away just because the season is over. Our collection was inspired by our main character Marie: a girl who has things to do, people to see, and friends to meet. Chic and practical.

Where do you source your design inspiration? Everywhere! A cool girl walking down the street, a piece of art from a museum, a post on Instagram, a stroll in a beautiful city. TV series and movies also. There is actually a ‘Wednesday’-style dress in our new collection.

What is the most important element when you are designing clothing? For me, the main element is that the clothing is comfortable and has a great fit. I think it is difficult to be stylish in uncomfortable clothes. Of course, quality materials and craftsmanship are very important too.

How did the pandemic affect Meet Marie Brand and how were you able to navigate the challenges you faced? The pandemic was a very challenging time. Many Logistic/ Sourcing/Operational problems. People were scared and with very good reason. We decided to slow down and try to face challenges one at a time. We were very lucky because we found new avenues and opportunities we had not explored before.

 Chat Tuesday: Meet Designer & Brand Owner Mary Meisel From Meet Marie Teens

Where do you see Meet Marie Brand in five years’ time? Business, like life, is a journey, but what are your goals for Meet Marie Brand? I hope to see Meet Marie more present in boutiques and showrooms in the US and Europe.

This year you will present your collection at Playtime Paris for the first time, have you taken part in a trade show before? What do you hope to achieve from taking part in Playtime Paris? Yes, this will be our first year at Playtime. We attended Coterie NY in September 2022 where we learned a lot and met wonderful people. We hope this time it will be the same.

Who are your style icons, both past, and present? I love Jane Birkin / Alain Delon / Leia Sfez / Sylvie ( from Emily in Paris ).

How would you describe your personal style? I would describe my personal style as simple, effortless, and trendy.

As a mother and a businesswoman, you are juggling a lot. What helps you get through it all? How do you unwind? There are some really crazy days when you juggle three girls and a young business. Fortunately, my family is very close and we help each other in every way we can. My main motivation is to have my daughters proud of me as their mom and as a businesswoman. This gives me the energy to keep on even when things get hard.

To unwind, I love to spend quality time with my husband and girls (no phones
allowed), have fun with close friends, practice sports, and why not, have a facial once in a while.

Let’s talk about social media. Specifically, the ‘gram. Love it, hate it, or both? Explain. What are your favorite three accounts of the moment? I love Instagram! Through it, I have met some wonderful people, such as our gorgeous brand ambassador and her mom 🙂

You can view Noyemi Pia, our Brand Ambassador wearing styles from Meet Marie Teens, in All Things Teen Editorial on Junior Style.

I think IG is a great tool to connect and learn new trends and ideas. Right now I am obsessed @violette_fr (makeup), @leiasfez (style inspo), @netaporter (shopping).

Noyemi Pia and Alexandra Atach

Brand Ambassador Noyemi Pia & mom, photographer & digital creator Alexandra Atach

What are your favorite cultural magazines/publications? How about podcasts? What is currently on repeat in your home tv/film/music wise? My favorite magazines are the Economist, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Milk, and L’Officiel. Right now my girls are watching Wednesday, Gilmore Girls, and The Baby-Sitters Club. Freaky Friday. For me White Lotus, Emily in Paris, and House of Dragon. Music wise I like Rosalia, Aznavour, Katy Perry, Maluma, Dalida.

What motivational or inspirational quote inspires you most? Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible! Audrey Hepburn


View the latest Meet Marie Teens collection HERE or follow @meetmarieteens on Instagram to keep up to date on new collections and teen styles.


View ‘All Things Teen’ Fashion Editorial by Alexandra Atach, which includes Teen Fashion and Style from Meet Marie Teens Brand.



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