Chit Chat Tuesday: Meet Designer & Brand Owner Lidia Colombo from Piccoli Principi

Piccoli Principi is a children’s swimwear brand founded in 2017 by Lidia Colombo. Originally from Milan, Lidia has been living in Miami for 10 years, where the vibrant lifestyle inspired her to create a brand that embodies both style and functionality. Quality and sustainability are at the core of Piccoli Principi, with each piece being meticulously crafted in Italy using super-resistant regenerated nylon fiber made from fishing nets and other textile waste. Tested over 200 hours in a laboratory, the swimsuits are chlorine, seawater, and sun cream resistant, offering UPF 50+ protection without any chemical filters. The brand’s aesthetic is characterized by bright solid colors and retro designs, reflecting Lidia’s passion for combining classic styles with modern sensibilities.

Tell us your story, how it all started?

I’ve always been a Milan girl at heart! My passion for fashion blossomed while working in the most enchanting showrooms in Milan, including Belstaff, Trussardi, and Gianfranco Ferre’s atelier. Back then, my dream was to work for renowned brands like Prada or Monclair, never imagining I’d one day own a kids’ fashion brand. The journey began when I moved to Miami, USA, and embraced motherhood with the arrival of Alexander, my eldest, now 10. Feeling a gap in the market for kids’ fashion, I set out to infuse a dash of Italian flair into beachwear. Why swimwear? Miami living revolves around weekends by the pool, at the beach, or out boating. This led me to create a brand that not only offers the best sun protection with UPF50+ but also avoids toxic creams. Made in Italy was a must, marrying fashion with sustainability, creating an environmentally friendly product that speaks to both style and conscience.

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Tell us about your brand. What sets it apart in the world of kids’ fashion?

Our brand, Piccoli Principi, was born in 2017 with a name that means “little princesses,” reflecting our belief that children are our precious jewels. What sets us apart in the world of kids’ fashion is our commitment to quality and sustainability. Our swimwear is meticulously crafted in small Italian workshops using a super-resistant regenerated nylon fiber made from fishing nets and other textile waste. Tested over 200 hours in the laboratory, our swimsuits are chlorine, seawater, and sun cream resistant, offering UPF 50+ protection without any chemical filters. Made from high-quality Italian fabrics, our designs are inspired by a bygone era of simple lines and timeless style. We aim to combine comfort and beauty in every piece, with details like hidden ribbons and colorful bows adding a fun twist to our clean-cut vintage aesthetic. Piccoli Principi is known for its unique prints, especially our glitters hologram print, exclusively created for us. These prints resemble diamond drops and change their reflection with the sun’s movement. This summer, you’ll find this special print in aqua color, reminiscent of the crystal-clear waters of the islands. Everything we create is designed to be kind to the skin and the environment, making Piccoli Principi the perfect choice for modern families with a conscious mind.

Where do you usually source your style inspiration? Are there specific themes or elements that consistently influence your creations?

Keeping up with the latest news and trends in kids’ fashion is a top priority for me. I draw inspiration mainly from color trends, and when it’s time to put everything together, I create a theme that personally resonates with me, whether it’s a fond memory, a particular location, or a trending style. Miami, naturally, infuses my collections with its vibrant energy and tropical essence. Once I’ve settled on a theme, I collaborate with my photographer to develop a mood board that guides the photoshoot, bringing the collection to life. Seeing the swimsuits on the models at the end of the process is always an exhilarating moment, completing the vision I had in mind.

What motivated you to start working specifically with children? Are there unique challenges or joys in working with children’s fashion?

Our values encompass sustainability, empowerment, community, and quality. My greatest joy is discovering unique offerings for moms to purchase for their children. The main challenge I face is staying updated with market trends and competitors. Lately, I have noticed a rise in new brands entering the swim market. When creating a new style or collection, my primary goal is to maintain the quality and ensure it is made in Italy. A high-quality swimsuit can last for years, maintaining its color and fabric consistency wash after wash. As a designer, it is crucial for me to convey to retailers and clients that Piccoli Principi offers superior quality swimwear, reflected in its price point. We occupy a niche in the swim market.

How would you describe your personal style? Does it influence your style choices for your petite clients?

I love glitters, and you’ll find them incorporated into each of our collections every year. This signature touch is something we’ve created and will continue to carry forward. In addition to glitters, we offer a diverse range of options including flower prints, solid colors, neon bright swimwear for the upcoming year, and pastel glitter designs. Our aim is to cater to everyone’s taste by introducing more choices each year, ensuring there’s something for everyone to love.

Who are your style icons, both past and present, and how do they inspire your work?

Alessandra D’ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel are both incredible style icons, known for their stunning looks and successful modeling careers. Their venture into the world of swimwear has been inspiring, showing that with dedication and passion, it’s possible to excel in different aspects of the fashion industry.

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What is your favorite place in the world?

My favorite place is my country, Italy, where I take inspiration from our Italian traditions, and it is the most beautiful place in the world.

Where do you envision your brand in five years? Any exciting plans or developments on the horizon? Projects?

In the next five years, I have a myriad of projects in mind that I’m excited to bring to life. From introducing activewear and reintroducing boys’ swimwear for SS2025 to developing dresses and cover-ups made from new eco-friendly fabrics, there’s a lot in store for Piccoli Principi. I envision the brand expanding into new markets, particularly in countries like Asia, and securing placement in major department stores worldwide. We’ve already established a strong presence in some department stores in Dubai and Russia, but the goal is to further expand our reach through strategic marketing efforts.


As mentioned, we exclusively use recycled polyester fabric that can be endlessly recycled into new fabrics and swimwear. Our new project involves collecting your old swimsuits to create new ones. We are committed to embodying three fundamental values in each of our pieces: TIMELESSNESS, ECO RESPONSIBILITY, and TEXTILE INNOVATION. You can help us promote more sustainable fashion and reduce your environmental impact by participating in a circular economy. We offer our clients the opportunity to return their old swimwear and receive a 10% discount on new purchases as a token of our appreciation.

What message do you hope to convey through your work?

My message to retailers and final buyers is to prioritize quality over pricing when selecting swimwear. While there are many options on the market, it’s important to consider the long-term benefits of a swimsuit. A cheaper, poor-quality swimsuit may seem like a good deal initially, but it may only last a few months and fade quickly. In contrast, our swimsuits, made in Italy with eco-friendly Nylon, offer infinite regeneration and remain vibrant for years. Therefore, I encourage customers to focus on the future lifespan of a swimsuit rather than its initial price.

How do you view social media, especially platforms like Instagram, in the context of your work? Is it a source of love, hate, or a mix of both? Could you elaborate on your perspective?

Instagram is a crucial tool for promoting our brand and connecting with retailers. It serves as an excellent platform for self-advertisement, and we’ve had many retailers reach out to us and contact our company through Instagram. It’s become a vital part of our business strategy, providing a direct and effective way to showcase our products and engage with our audience. Overall, I view Instagram as a source of love for its ability to help us reach a wider audience and grow our brand presence.

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What do you attribute your success to?

I attribute the success of Piccoli Principi to several factors. Firstly, my strong business background has been instrumental in knowing where to invest our resources, from sourcing high-quality fabrics to strategic spending on events and advertising. Secondly, having a keen sense of fashion is crucial. It allows me to create products that resonate with moms, who are discerning when it comes to dressing their children. Being fashion-minded is essential in bringing our designs to life and ensuring they are loved by our customers.

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What is next for Piccoli Principi?

Next for Piccoli Principi, we have exciting plans ahead. We will be participating in the Children’s Show in July, unveiling our new SS’2025 COLLECTION for the first time at this event. As an Italian brand, we are proud to showcase our collection alongside other Italian brands, promoting Italian fashion to retailers worldwide. We are eager to present our new styles and designs to retailers attending the show.

In addition to our new collection, we will be introducing a new CAPSULE line. This line features a romantic theme and is made from a super soft, eco-friendly microfiber. Unlike our other swimwear, this line is exceptionally light, fast-drying, and includes a range of matching bikinis, skirts, and one-pieces. The collection embodies a sense of romance, incorporating elements of passion, flowers, and love, all meticulously handcrafted into each piece.


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