Chit Chat Tuesday: Meet Katarina Kamara Co Founder of Little Concept.

blog cct little concept introGood morning my lovely chit chat Tuesday readers! I hope that you are all well and have had a good start to your day! So it’s been a bit of a roller coaster since I last spoke to you all as I went to Copenhagen for a quick business trip! We went to preview Soft Gallery’s AW15 collection which was very exciting and I finally got to meet the wonderful Soft Gallery team at their head office.
Copenhagen is absolutely gorgeous! I loved the city and their sense of style! Not only are the people stunning but they al look effortlessly chic. I think that I have a new found love!

Talking about effortless chic – this week on CCT I have an individual who is always dressed beautifully every time that I see her. Please join me in welcoming co-founder Kate from online children’s retailer Little Concept on today’s show. Little Concept has recently joined the Circus and we love being able to work with an online retailer especially when it stocks such wonderful brands.
Anyways enough rambling from me, let’s get too it.

Kate thank you so much for joining us on today’s CCT it’s great to have you on the show. Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself…

I studied Business and Marketing so enterprise was kind of the next step. In addition I did a course in school of visual arts in NY to practice digital design. I always wanted to set up my own business. When I gave birth to my daughter I became the most creative I had ever been. So, I decided to set up a personal shopping service that delivers exclusive pieces straight from runway to your home! I had a lot of different ideas.

Wow NYC! That must have been incredible to study there! What made you decide to set up Little Concept?

Shopping online is fun and easy. You can browse through collections from well-established brands and up-and-coming designers from all over the world, and all from the comfort of your home. You can also choose from the cool looks with trends of the season, read interesting articles on the online blog and participate in the many promotions and special events.

There’s nothing like shopping from the comfort of your own home! It’s a huge bonus when we all lead such busy lives! Why the name Little Concept?

I wanted to create a concept store. When you say concept store, you are saying not just a shop but the discovery and creation of an entire lifestyle, that’s how Little Concept was born. littleconcept logoemail

That’s a good way of putting it! Why children’s fashion?

Modern children’s fashion is not just a reverberation of adult fashion but a whole new world of styles and trends. It is also very diverse and fabrics are so fine; great fun for parents with passion for dressing children

Children’s fashion is just becoming bigger and bigger! We always say that there is never a recession with children’ fashion as parents ALWAYS want their kids to look good! Can you tell us about Little Concept as a retailer?

We handpick our collections from across the globe; our buyers are following latest trends in children’s fashion and are very interested in the design and quality of our products. For us it is also very important to offer high-quality products that are made in respect of our environment.

blog cct littleconcept image1

Livly, one of the brands stocked at Little Concept.

I think that that’s such a nice factor to consider when you’re looking at or considering a brand! What service do you hope to provide?

Every year we discover new upcoming brands that bring new designs that are fun and stylish. We want our brands to reflect the lifestyles of today’s families. Our aim is to offer the best products for kids that both kids and parents will love. We are so happy that there are such great opportunities to meet new designers and keep up with changing fashion trends at Playtime, CIFF Kids and many more fashion trade shows for kids.

The kids fashion shows are great aren’t they? We are off to Playtime at the end of Jan and I can’t wait! AND last but not least, what brands do you stock?

We stock outstanding collections by Caramel Baby &Child, offering an effortless blend of heritage fabrics and finely crafted cuts that are combined with unique prints, OEUF knitwear, all handmade in Bolivia, using natural, renewable baby alpaca wool. We also represent LIVLY, Mini Rodini, Bonnie Baby, Soft Gallery and many more.
Blog cct Soft Gallery image

Soft Gallery AW14 one of the brands sotcked at Little Concept

We love the brands that you represent! AND we are so happy that you represent both Livly and Soft Gallery who are also clients of ours at the Circus!

blog cct littleconcept C de C C de C another of the many brands stocked by Little Concept.

Kate, thank you so much for joining us on today’s CCT! It’s been great having you and getting to know a little bit more about your background and your wonderful online store!

Join me next week for lots more chinwagging! Have a fabulous week lovely ones

Make sure you visit Little Concepts official website to shop the best of kids fashion


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