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getPartGood morning wonderful CCT readers!  I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready for the weekend ahead! It’s bank holiday weekend guys n gals!! Wooo hooo bring it on!!

Sorry I wasn’t with you all last week! It has been a busy month as we have welcomed two new brands to the Circus – Mainio and Petit Tribe! If you haven’t checked them out already make sure you do as I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed! AND last week we were frantically preparing the showroom for our AW15 #circuspressday!

It was a super busy day but we all had a fab day and are so happy with the feedback that we received from members of press!

We may just be preparing for the summer months but we are now diving our time between spring/summer and autumn/winter as the sample requests are coming in thick and fast as press prepare for their long lead stories! AND someone who is a pro at preparing for shoots in the industry is the ever so talented Lee Clower who is this week’s guest on CCT!

I first met Lee over a year ago after he passed through the Circus showroom whilst on location in London from the big Apple! Lee was very kindly put in contact with us through Linda McLean and I am so appreciative that he was! The visit may have been short and sweet but Lee was such a delight and his energy was contagious! With that said, I am so excited to have him on CCT today! So, please join me in welcoming Lee on today’s CCT!

Lee, thank you so much for joining both the CCT readers and I on today’s show! Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself…

I’m a fashion / art photographer in NYC.  Originally from the south, near Savannah GA, I came to NYC as a fashion editor and got tired of other photographers ruining my vision so just decided to do it myself.

Where did your journey start?

Both my parents were very chic when I was younger so a career in fashion was my destiny, even in GA I knew this.

Tell us about the type of projects you have worked on…

My photography career started with my art series.  I showed the series to Cynthia Rowley when we were working together and she gave me her campaign to shoot as my first job.  From there I shot the “New York Times fashion section” for years & that led to so many great connections that I still work with today.

Favorite projects include shooting Michelle Obama in the White House. My team and I were trapped in the state dining room for two hours after and had so much fun with it ……..but that’s another story.

Shooting behind the scenes during the Iraq war was equally memorable to me but a different kind of intense.

I am a big Elton John fan and spent a week in a private recording session shooting him while he was creating new music…… def a favorite project.

Fatima Ptacek is a favorite up and coming starlet that i love shooting every time i have the opportunity.

Karlie Kloss for the New York Times equals an iconic moment in time for me.

Maggie Gyllenhall on the eve of her academy award nomination also for the New York Times goes on the favorites wall for sure.

Marianne Faithful for the New York Times.

Zuzanna Tarnacki, Lily Chee, Mary Clark, Violet Knobel are my go to mini super models in NYC.  I have a great time and make amazing images every time we shoot!

cct leeclower kkKarlie KLoss – photograph by Lee Clower.

Uhhh Lee – WOW! What an incredible portfolio! What are your most memorable shoot and/or project you have worked on to date?

Any of the above work but shooting the First Lady in the White House is my proudest patriotic moment.   Michelle Obama was truly awesome in too many ways to list.

cct LeeClower MObama
Michelle Obama photograph by Lee Clower.

WOW! I am lost for words! What an incredible achievement Lee – congrats! What’s coming up for you in 2015?

I just shot the recent cover of LaPetite Magazine and have more amazing collaborations coming up with Rachelle from LaPetite in 2015.

I have a shoot for Lamantine Paris, a favorite collection, coming up that I’m very excited about today.


cct leeclower lapetitemag
The cover looks amazing! If that was just the beginning I can’t wait to see what’s to come! If you could work/collaborate with anyone who would you choose?
I am working with my dream team every time I shoot.  My favorite editor / models / kids / hair & make up / stylists are all chosen because they’re the best in the industry.  I want to continue working with each and every one of them.
Rachelle the Editor in Chief of LaPetite magazine is my single favorite artist /collaborator these days.
I shoot regularly with Mark McNairy, my favorite men’s wear designer and friend.
As mentioned Cynthia Rowley has been a constant source of inspiration throughout my career.

cct lewclower LamantineLee Clower  – Lamantine

That’s so refreshing to hear! There’s nothing better than having a supportive team around you – as you said, dream team! You have very kindly shot with some of our wonderful clothes! Do you have a favourite childrenswear brand?

I love Scotch R’belle and Shrunk!
As mentioned previously,  Lamantine Paris has been a favorite for years.

Velveteen is doing amazing work.

Anais & I is a new collection that I love in NYC.

Motoreta & Little Creative Factory in London.

My Vince Kids campaign is a recent favorite.

Bonnie Young amazes me with each new collection.
Lamantine Smudgetikka 0002

Lamantine shot by Lee Clower.

Wooo hands in the air for Scotch Shrunk and R’belle! So pleased you liketheir collections! You live in the big apple! If someone was there for 24 hours what would you tell them to do?

Stop by my studio if you want to really capture the essence of art & passion in NYC.

I’ll take note! Do you have an icon in the industry?

Rachelle at La Petite Magazine, mentioned above, is breaking all kinda rules ( in a good way ) and setting the bar for the best visuals in the kids industry.  I am very proud to be a part of that.

AND what a great team you both make! The work that you guys produce is fab-u-lous! What would you advise someone who is looking to break in to the fashion/media industry?

Follow your instincts and allow your passions to evolve organically.

If you don’t love what you’re doing you’re doing the wrong thing.

Words to live by – so true! I am with you on that one! Thank you so much for joining us today Lee! It has been great having you and I have loved learning more about all of the fabulous projects you have worked on! If people aren’t inspired to chase their dreams after reading your story then I don’t know what will do it for them…

Join me next week CCT readers for lots more gossip and chinwagging! Have a fabulous week!

Love Kate xox

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Intro Image Lee shooting Velveteen with NYC in the back ground, photo credit Maelle Collin.

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