Chit Chat Tuesday- Malin of Children’s Cashmere brand Rock the Goat

cct rockthegoat mailin main imageGood morning my wonderful CCT readers! I hope that your week has started off fabulous as always and if not, CCT is here to make it all better! So, over the weekend we were at Dot to Dot London meeting and greeting all of the wonderful guests who attended! It was a fun filled event and it was great to meet new faces! Thank you so much to everyone involved and to event organisers Nicole and Louisa for all of their hard work! It’s another whirlwind week at the Circus as we prepare to take on new clients for February and get ready for Playtime Paris this Saturday! Exciting times CCT readers!

Anyways enough from me, let’s get to it! This week on CCT I am joined by Malin from adorable children’s cashmere brand Rock the Goat! So please join me in welcoming Malin to the show!

Malin thank you so much for joining both myself and the CCT readers! Let’s start off by you telling us a lttle bit about yourself…

Good morning everyone and thank you for having me! I am of Swedish origin but have lived a bit here and there all around the world!
My background is surprisingly from a completely different field as I studied law at university! But that was a long time ago now! Within the last 10 years of my career I have been involved in several entrepreneurial ventures as well as getting married! I feel that I have now found my place which is a great feeling!
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Did you always know that you wanted to go in to fashion? AND in particular children’s fashion?

In a way yes, as it has always been a fond interest of mine. Although, I felt that I needed to gain a lot of experience and insight before I ventured off with my own project.

The children’s market is interesting as it is very quickly growing and we are spending more money and time on how we are dressing our children.

I find it all very interesting! Why the name Rock the Goat Fashion? Where did it originate from?

Rock the Goat hails from Rock the Boat, e.g. creating a bit of a stir in the kid’s cashmere market. Something new trendy and unseen, nor baby-cashmere, nor the usual preppy cashmere but fashion cashmere!
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Can you tell us about the brand and its philosophy?

Rock the Goat is passionate about quality. Therefore, my entire collection is produced in Italy: the world’s beating heart of premium fashion.

The philosophy of the brand is to create a contemporary interpretation of the finest cashmere making the delicate sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, ponchos and accessories for girls and boys aged 3-13 years both playful and versatile.
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What a fantastic combo! Why did you decide to produce cashmere items of clothing for kids?

The idea to create a kids cashmere brand came when I realised that my daughter absolutely loved to touch and feel the material of the clothes that she was wearing. She adored wearing cashmere!

For her early years I found some great baby cashmere but it ended there. When it came to fashion degree and keeping the product in 100% cashmere I realised that the market for toddlers and older children had very little to offer.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs/collections?

Inspiration is mostly drawn from  the current fashion themes in combination with really quirky sources of inspiration like art and nature for colours. Saying that we always carry a few traditional classics, for example in our collection you will always found a few basic items that always will be there like a round neck cardigan for girls, a V-neck sweater for boys.
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I understand that all of your garments are produced in Italy? Why is this?

All of our garments are produced in Italy by Italians in a small factory outside Florence. The reason is simply that I believe Italy is the hub of the fashion and textile industry and a luxury material deserves a first class treatment.

I can also have much shorter turnaround of decisions, orders etc than if I would have produced in the Far East.

I can go and visit my producer over the day and oversee the production if I wish to do so.

I have never been to Italy and would absolutely love to! It is on my ‘must see’ list of places I need to do to! Where can individuals pick up Rock the Goat items?

Our agencies are now selling to the shops in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and I will be visiting the Pitti Bimbo myself with the collection.

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What an exciting time for you! We are off to Playtime Paris on Saturday and I can’t wait! What is coming up for 2015? What can we look forward to? 

We have a lot of untraditional cashmere in our Fall15 collection. There will be prints, camouflage, dip-dye and lots more.

I personally absolutely adore our poncho for girls. The collection consists of basics and fashion items – all in 100% cashmere 2/28.
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If you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose?

Hmmm that’s a difficult one – I’m not too sure! However, I do know that I would like to explore more with forms, shapes and luxury materials – all in keeping with the fine cashmere of course.

Of course of course! Malin it has been wonderful having you on CCT today, thank you so much for joining us! It’s been great having you and getting to learn more about your lovely brand!

Make sure you check out the collection on Rock the Goats website below:

Join me next week for lots more gossip and chinwagging! All my love <3 Kate xox

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