Chit Chat Tuesday, meet Noya Bebawi Founder and designer of Beanie Bear

cct beanieandbear intro collageGood morning my wonderful CCT readers! I hope that you are feeling re-freshed after the bank holiday weekend and are ready for the week ahead! I don’t know about you but I am getting far too used to these four day weeks!

How fab-u-lous was the weather yesterday!? All I wanted to do was lay on a sun lounger in my two piece and have an endless supply of fresh coconut water served to me by an appealing to the eye human being to keep me going throughout the day! FYI – I have discovered THE nicest coconut water called CHI! It is absolutely delicious and I cannot get enough of it! Doesn’t all this talk of summer weather just make you think of beachwear? AND we all know how much we want THE hottest beachwear to flounce around in!

Call it fate or just good timing but Beanie & Bear is a new children’s beachwear brand that has just launched and the pieces are to die for! They’re bright, bold and beyond incredible! Founder and designer Noya B has surpassed herself on her FIRST EVER collection! I have fallen in love! So, It is with pleasure to welcome Noya Bebawi on today’s CCT show! Let’s get to it so we can find out some more info on BB!

Noya, thank you so much for joining both the CCT and myself on today’s show! Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself and your background…

Good morning everyone! I’m a London based mother of two. I was a children’s illustrator and web designer before the arrival of our first little hurricane but I knew that I could never go back to my day job once she had arrived. I needed to find a creative outlet that fit into family life.

So, what made you decide to go into fashion and in particular children’s beachwear?

It has been a natural progression really. I’ve always been interested in fashion and once I had the kids my fixation shifted to childrenswear. We spend a lot of time in Spain, where my mum lives, and it got to a point where the frustration at not being able to find swimwear that I liked and that fitted my skinny kids bums spurred me on.

Espana, Espana, viva Espana! Where do you draw your inspiration from?

All over the place! The kids primarily, I wanted to create a brand that optimised the fun and freedom of being a kid.  Given that I was a child in the 70’s and 80’s there’s a lot of neon involved!!

cct beanieandbear image 1
The more neon the better! Why the name Beanie & Bear?

Beanie is my daughter’s nickname and Bear is my sons, given the company was inspired by them it seemed a no brainer.

That’s so lovely that the name of the company has been created from your kiddies nicknames! What makes B&B different from other children’s beachwear brands?

The bold colours, playful prints and the fab fit. Our classic pieces are given a modern twist that will appeal to both adult and child alike.

We use high quality, durable fabrics that won’t droop or sag and will stand up to even the most vigorous of beach time action.

There are loads of unisex pieces and everything is completely mix and match so you are guaranteed to find the best size, style colour combo for the child that you are buying for.

Plus everything is designed and hand-made in London. Bonus.

cct beanieandbear image 2
There is nothing worse than a saggy ‘beach bum!’ What is it about beachwear that you love?

I love the fact that it’s worn outdoors and in the sunshine! Easy, simple and fun.

What’s coming up for the brand in 2015?

So much!  We are about the launch a jersey line, with gorgeous unisex T-shirts, a couple of new dresses and a fab playsuit. We are branching out a bit with some extra accessories too. I think it’s going to be a really exciting year.
cct beanieandbear image 7
I can’t wait! Your first BB collection is incredible so I can’t wait to see the new designs and pieces! Would you ever think about collaborating with anyone?

Absolutely! There are loads of kid’s brands doing amazing and inspiring stuff right now. It’s an exciting time for childrenswear. I have already collaborated with Beanie, who drew the foxes on the Olive Bum shorts and Zoe tankini top. It’s divine and that’s just the beginning!

WOW that’s amazing – go Beanie! I love the fact that the kids are getting involved in designing the collection! What’s your fave B&B look?

Ahhhhh. Now that’s a hard one! I think it’s too difficult to specify one…. I LOVE the Milo Bum boxers. They just look fab on both the boys AND the girls. I also love the Yasmin Bum frilly bottoms. They are a classic. The Anna dress is Beanies go to beach throw-over as it’s just like a stylish oversized T. I want one!

Sorry that was a hard question and one that I would have struggled with too! Tell us a secret about yourself…..

No chance!
cct beanieandbear image 8
Haha boooo! Where can we buy B&B from?

You can now buy it from our online shop at

There are lots of fab pics and videos so please come and have a rummage!

The website looks fantastic! I highly recommend you ALL check it out! AND who is your ultimate beach babe?

Gisele Bundchen – hands down! The beachy hair, beachy bod – Gorgeousness.

I’m with you on that one! She is an absolute babe and looks incredible! Maybe we could get her rocking a pair of Yasmin frilly bottoms!?

Noya – thank you so much for joining me on CCT today! I have loved having you on todays show and I cannot wait to rock a piece of BB beachwear this summer (please please please make a capsule collection for adults)

cct beanieandbear image finalimage
If you haven’t yet visited the Beanie & Bear website then why the heck not? Stop faffing and get yourself over to the website NOW so that you can purchase an item of THE coolest beachwear around!

Join me next week for lots of chin-wagging and gossip!

Over and out my lovely ones! Big hugs and kisses <3 Kate xo

Images belong to Beanie & Bear.

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