Chit Chat Tuesday: Meet Syazana – designer behind Malaysian Brand Whimsigirl

blog whimsigirl model babyGood morning good morning my lovely Chit Chat Tuesday readers! I am so sorry it has been so long! Things have been cra cra cra crazzzy at the Circus recently which is amazing but insane all at the same time! However, it’s not an excuse as I have missed the weekly CCT column!

So no more nonsense! CCT is back! This week I get to chinwag with the fabulous Syazana from Malaysian brand Whimsigirl! Can I get a wooo woo? Woo woo! Oh yes! Whimsigirl is one of the newest acts to join the Circus and all I can say is that they are not only a joy to represent but a joy to work with!

I first met Syazana and her husband at Bubble in January by co-incidence and the rest is history!! So, enough from me, let’s get to it!!

Syazana, thank you so much for joining me on today’s CCT! Let’s start off by you telling us a little bit about Whimisigirl..

Good morning everyone thank you for having me! Whimsigirl is a lifestyle brand that designs culturally infused clothing for children. I was born and bred in the “colourful” city of Kuala Lumpur in a bi-racial Malay/Singalese family. I also happen to be married to a gorgeous bi-racial Indian man, so you can say I breathe culture and traditions all my life, haha! Having also lived in Melbourne, Australia (practically THE place to be for arts, music & literature enthusiasts) in my early 20s, I was exposed to even more artistic, racial and cultures which I embraced and I appreciated every bit of them all! Infusing my love for arts and design, my background in architecture and my colourful heritage, and ultimately my obsession for beautiful ‘little things’, Whimsigirl was born. We love to tell stories with our pieces by infusing completely different elements derived from…you know it…culture! Sometimes when the East meets the West it creates juxtapositions in our designs, and we love that!

blog whimsigirl owner intro syazanaSyazana the designer behind Whimsigirl

Awww that’s so lovely! Kuala Lumpur is beautiful! What an amazing city to have been born in! So, you’ve recently taken us (Circus London PR) on to handle all of the PR for the brand, how did this relationship/opportunity come about?

Whimsigirl might be a small children’s label compared to the big international brands out there. In Malaysia in particular, there hasn’t been any independent children’s wear labels around. There are only international brands and commercial chain stores are available. When I started the brand it was really unheard of, and it was really hard to get people to take our brand seriously. Despite all the challenges, we worked hard, pushed ourselves and always emphasized on customer service. Once you’ve built trust with your customers, they’ll follow anywhere you go.
blog whimsigirl Members of the whimsigirl team

The Whimsigirl Team.

I completely agree! My Dad has always said to me how important customer service is and it’s something I have never forgotten! Sorry carry on…

I’ve always been a dreamer with a need to constantly push boundaries. So, I took the risk and pushed the brand internationally! I’m so glad I did. The response has been phenomenal and we’re very grateful. I went to London earlier this year to meet up with the Circus London PR team and the funny thing was before our official meeting, Circus Kate (you) and I bumped in to each other at the Bubble London show by mistake. We hit it off immediately and it was the case of the right place at the right time. Then we met with the rest of the team and that’s when we knew they were the ones we wanted to represent us. We thrive on working with hardworking, passionate and most importantly kind people and the Circus Team is all that and MORE!

You’re too kind Syazana! I still remember that day like yesterday! I spotted you in the lecture theatre as I loved your jumper and the next thing I know you’re the one I’m meeting with! As you said, I’m a huge believer of the right place at the right time! So, what’s coming up for the brand?

We honestly can’t wait to tell new stories and bring everyone on a journey through our maiden international collection titled “Passage through Malaya” this coming Spring! We’ll also be making our tradeshow debut at Playtime New York in February to present our AW 15/16 line.

blog Whimsigirl collection

The Passage to Through Malaysia collection

There are so many things coming up for you guys! I promise I won’t reveal anything from my excitement but all I can say CCT readers is that there is lots to come! Watch this Whimsigirl space! I know you’re a new emerging brand but are there any celebs that you would love to see wearing your brand?

I don’t quite have anyone in particular but I would love to see children of different races with different cultural background from all over the world to don our clothing. It gives me joy seeing any child in our clothes, as we always joke, “we’d like to spread joy, one child at a time”. But if I really need to choose, I’d say the Jolie-Pitt children for obvious reasons, haha!

blog whimsigirl outfit

That’s so lovely! Well…we shall try our best to help you achieve that! The Pitts are gorgeous! I can see why you would say that! AND last but not least…why the name Whimsigirl?

Whimsigirl was a pen name given to me from a while back. You give me a mundane thing and I’ll always find ways to transform it into something even better or different; something out of the ordinary. Growing up, I’ve always been the kid that just refused to do things the same way as others. You give me a task and I’ll always challenge myself to do things differently. It’s exhausting and I often caught myself asking this question “why do you do this to yourself Syazana, seriously?” I guess ultimately I wouldn’t be me if I don’t, and Whimsigirl would not be what it is now if I’m not myself.

I have goosebumps! I love that! NEVER change Syanana! You are fabulous just as you are!

Syazana it has been an absolute pleasure! Thank you so much for joining both myself and the CCT readers on today’s show! As you know, I am a HUGE fan of Whimsigirl and I know that once everyone has gotten to know you and the brand they will to!

Syazana and her son

Syazana and her son

Join me next week for lots more chinwagging! AND don’t forget to check out Whimsigirl’s official website by clicking on the link below:

Let me know what your favourite piece is too! I hope that you all have a fabulous week! Big hugs and kisses

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