Chit Chat Tuesday: Meet Valery van der Meer co-owner from LRDM Petits brand.

LRDM Petits owner and designer

In this week’s edition of Chit Chat Tuesday we catch up with the brand co-founder and co-owner of LRDM Petits Valery van der Meer. 

 LRDM petits® is a baby & children’s clothing brand from Netherlands, catering children from newborn up to size 10-12y, founded by Valery van Der Meer and Floor Groeneveld.

The magic unfolds within the walls of their Amsterdam head office, where every stitch and detail is conceived with a commitment to premium quality. What sets LRDM petits® apart is their exclusive prints, each a masterpiece hand-painted to perfection. This dedication ensures a unique signature, always considering the comfort of the little ones and the delightful possibility of passing on these garments from child to child. Every fabric chosen undergoes a meticulous selection process, guaranteeing not just comfort, but a lovable experience for children who revel in wearing and playing in LRDM petits® styles, all while exuding a fantastic charm. Each collection includes solid colors that perfectly complement the handcrafted prints, offering endless mix-and-match possibilities for any occasion.

LRDM petits® isn’t just about fashion; it’s a commitment to the planet and its people. Their dedication shines through the use of sustainable fabrics and collaboration with manufacturers who share their vision. The result? Durable, comfortable, and high-quality collections designed to stand the test of time and be passed on from one generation to the next. It’s a story of fashion with a purpose, echoing through the threads of LRDM petits®

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Visit LRDM Petits website

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Scroll down to read this week’s Chit Chat Tuesday interview with co-designer and brand co-owner of LRDM Petits Valery van der Meer…

LRDM Petits

Tell us about your brand, LRDM Petits. What sets it apart in the world of kids’ fashion?

Valery: LRDM petits is a Longterm, Romantic, Durable, and Magical brand. In a world full of trends, LRDM Petits strives to keep designs timeless, elegant, romantic, and durable, paying close attention to all details. The designs always have that something extra, making them special and very recognizable. While keeping an eye on trends, we believe our collections, designs, and premium quality fabrics never go out of style. Additionally, we aim to be refreshing, with a clear handwriting seen in all collections. All prints used are exclusively hand-painted for LRDM Petits. We emphasizes making kids feel amazing and comfortable, encouraging them to pass on their clothes to another child, whether a sibling, a friend, or a charity.

Tell us your story, how it all started?

Valery: For me, the LRDM Petits story began with my journey into motherhood. Despite graduating from law school, the role of being a mom to three kids sparked a growing interest in kids’ fashion. My daughter Elle, who used to model for several brands, fueled my ongoing quest for high-quality, beautiful, and timeless clothes that I could pass on from child to child. Crafting the perfect combinations with the clothes she received as gifts from brands proved to be a challenge, leading me to often have pieces handmade for her. The numerous compliments about her style inspired me to start my own brand, encompassing all the aspects I deemed important.

From the very beginning, I knew I wanted to embark on this adventure with Floor, the co-owner of LRDM petits, whom I met through a mutual friend. Floor shared the dream of creating a kids’ fashion brand, backed by her background in design and graduation from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. With her talent as a designer and a keen eye for details, numerous meetings, and collaborative brainstorming, we embarked on our journey into the world of children’s fashion together.

Where do you usually source your design inspiration for LRDM Petits? Are there specific themes or elements that consistently influence your creations?

Valery: Floor and I both travel a lot, getting inspired by other countries and their cultures. We also find inspiration in small things like illustrations in books, observing kids discovering beautiful treasures in nature, and the drawings they create. The goal is always to understand what makes them feel happy and comfortable, translating these aspects into LRDM Petits designs. Floor, being creative, builds entire matching collections based on these inspirations.

LRDM Petits

What motivated you to start designing clothing specifically for children under the LRDM Petits brand? Are there unique challenges or joys in working with children’s fashion?

Valery: Right from the start, we were on the same page in terms of designs. We wanted to create collections that were recognizable as LRDM petits, with small details recurring every season, or specific colors, prints, and buttons. Our motivation is to make kids and their parents happy in our clothes. Working with children brings great joy; they are pure and always give their honest opinion. It’s also rewarding to meet many lovely people. Of course, there are challenges in the fast-paced world, aiming not to overproduce and to be sustainable. We continuously educate ourselves on these subjects.


LRDM Petits

You will present your new collection at Playtime Paris in the end of January. Could you share your personal favorite piece from the LRDM Petits Fall/Winter 2024/2025 collection and the story behind it?

Valery: It’s hard to pick just one favorite, as our collection is all about combinations. However, if I must choose, it would be our knitted cardigan with heart buttons for girls. This piece embodies the essence of LRDM petits style—comfortable, soft, luxurious. The inspiration for this cardigan traces back to a knitted cardigan Floor used to wear as a child, which was crafted for her. She held onto it for her own daughter, and we decided to infuse it with a LRDM touch and include it in the collection. The choice of heart buttons serves as a symbol to show kids they are loved.

For boys, my top pick is definitely the reversible teddy jacket; it’s a must-have in my opinion. My two sons adore wearing bomber jackets, and we included one in the current SS24 collection, which became a best-seller during the last Playtime edition. We aimed to replicate the same model but enhance it with an extra warm and comfortable feel for winter, using the softest teddy fabric. The idea of having one jacket that can be worn in two ways adds a nice touch for parents.

LRDM Petits
FW 24/25 collection

How would you describe your personal style? Does it influence your designs for LRDM Petits?

Valery: My personal style can differ a bit in winter and summer. I prefer more romantic styles in summer and the casual-chic look in winter. Every other season, we launch a limited edition style for women under Atelier LRDM, reflecting exactly what I love.

LRDM Petits

Who are your style icons, both past and present, and how do they inspire your work for LRDM Petits?

Valery: That is such a nice question! 🙂 Presently, I really admire Sofia Richie’s style—elegant, timeless, and luxurious fabrics. These elements resonate with what I love for LRDM petits. In the past, my definite style icon is Jackie Kennedy.

Could you share your favorite cultural magazine publications and any must-listen podcasts that influence your perspective or work at LRDM Petits?

Valery: In terms of cultural magazines, we love reading publications like Milk magazine, which is rich with lovely information about the kids’ fashion industry. Additionally, a podcast that I find very enjoyable to listen to is The Little Style File podcast.

What is your favorite family destination?

Valery: My all-time favorite family destination is Namibia. Its breathtaking beauty allows you to truly live in the moment. The earthy tones, wildlife, and people are incredibly inspiring. The tranquility there creates the perfect environment for my creativity to flow.

LRDM Petits
Spring/Summer 24 collection

Where do you envision LRDM Petits in five years? Any exciting plans or developments on the horizon for the brand? Projects?

Valery: In the next five years, we envision LRDM Petits growing into one of the well-known kids’ fashion brands, emphasizing quality alongside our unique designs. In the near future, exciting marketing projects are in the pipeline, and we are considering a delightful pop-up. We have numerous exciting projects in mind for the future. Currently, we’re experiencing significant growth in new markets like the US, and in five years, we anticipate our brand expanding even further, reaching new countries, and fostering long-term, close relationships with local and international partner stores.

Looking ahead, we have numerous amazing plans for LRDM Petits, inviting people to join the LRDM Petits world with us. Additionally, we plan to expand our Atelier LRDM label, designing women’s clothes on a larger scale. Giving back remains a crucial aspect for us as we continue to develop as a brand.

LRDM Petits SS24
Spring/Summer 24 collection

How do you view social media, especially platforms like Instagram, in the context of LRDM Petits? Is it a source of love, hate, or a mix of both? Could you elaborate on your perspective?

Valery: We view social media, especially platforms like Instagram, as a powerful tool that allows us to connect with people all over the world. Our brand wouldn’t be where it is today without social media. We love how we can meet customers and retailers from various countries on a daily basis, helping our brand grow internationally. However, on a personal note, I recognize the other side as well. Social media can have a significant impact, especially on the younger generation. While our brand is all about spreading love and kindness, social media is often used differently. I hope in the future there will be a platform based on the same connection but more centered around love and kindness.

Discover new FW 24-25 collection at Playtime Paris BOOTH H30

Visit LRDM Petits website


LRDM Petits SS24
Spring/Summer 24 collection





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