Chit Chat Tuesday With Model & Actress Grace Fincham

Chit Chat Tuesday With Model & Actress Grace Fincham #kidmodel #kidswear #loudapparel #interview

Rising Star Grace Fincham, a 14-year-old model and actress features in this edition of Chit Chat Tuesday. This inspiring young lady born with a genetic skin condition called Desmoplakin Deficiency does not let this or her heart condition, that is a side effect of the deficiency, get in her way.  

Scroll down to read our interview with Grace.

Chit Chat Tuesday With Model & Actress Grace Fincham #kidmodel #kidswear #loudapparel #interview

Can you describe what Desmoplakin Deficiency is?

My hair doesn’t grow and her skin cracks and blisters which can be really painful. A side effect from the deficiency has lead to a serious heart condition which meant I needed to have a heart transplant, which I finally received in October 2018.

Since you had your heart transplant how has this affected what activities you can take part in?

I am so grateful to the donor because I’ve been doing so much more than I ever could and am making sure that I don’t waste any opportunities.

Through the worst of my sick days, the days when I didn’t think I would pull through,  I kept thinking about how once I was through this I would be able to do so much more than I ever could and I’m so pleased that that’s been the case. I am passionate about trying to fundraise and promote charities that are close to my heart such as Debra which helps support people with epidermolysis bullosa which is the general name for my condition, the British Heart Foundation and encouraging organ donation.

Chit Chat Tuesday With Model & Actress Grace Fincham #kidmodel #kidswear #loudapparel #interview

What was your first modelling job?

After getting the all clear to no longer be in quarantine I got the incredible opportunity to walk in Mini Mode’s London fashion week show which was a great way to get back into doing what I love. Whilst I’ve always wanted to be an actress I am really enjoying pursuing modelling as well.

What was like walking in the Mini Mode fashion show?

It was a really incredible opportunity and it was so much fun. I met so many lovely people and it was so cool to actually get to walk in a real fashion show and in such an incredible dress. It was also so great to have something to look forward to after the tough six months I had had.

What is the best part about being a model?

The best part about being a model for me is getting to have fun with what you do in front of the camera and on the runway. Even though sometimes your wearing makeup it doesn’t feel like you can’t be yourself.

Chit Chat Tuesday With Model & Actress Grace Fincham #kidmodel #kidswear #loudapparel #interview

What was your first acting role?

My first proper acting role was performing in the first of the Jack Thorne stage adaptations of A Christmas Carol on the Old Vic’s stage which was the most amazing experience. I felt very privileged to perform next to the very talented Rhys Ifans and many other great actors.

I have always enjoyed losing myself in great films and books and I know they always made me happy so that sparked my dream of becoming an actress because I wanted to make people happy too. Before I was in the worst of my pre-transplant days I had the opportunity to be on a film set which was an awesome experience.

You have worked with fashion photographer and film director Rankin, what was it like working with Rankin?

Rankin was really lovely and it was so amazing to work with such an iconic photographer. The photos were so cool and I was honoured to be photographed by him.

Chit Chat Tuesday With Model & Actress Grace Fincham #kidmodel #kidswear #loudapparel #interview

What older models/actors do you look up to for inspiration?

I really admire Emma Watson because she is a very talented actress and uses her power and influence for the better. I love Harry Potter anyway and she was so incredible in it. I also loved her in ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

I went to see Lilly Singh in April of 2017 and she was so cool and is such a positive influence and does so much good with her power. I love the fact that she promotes girls being kind to each other. I also really admire Karlie Kloss because not only is she stunning without being fake but she is smart and does stuff for charity.

What is your favourite item or two in your closet?

I loved my space boots which are really cool holographic boots but they don’t fit me any more so my favourite item in my wardrobe is probably my leopard print dress because it’s really pretty but it is also a bit more grown up though not revealing so I really enjoy wearing it. I also really love vintage clothing and have a gorgeous wide-brim 1960’s sun hat.

Chit Chat Tuesday With Model & Actress Grace Fincham #kidmodel #kidswear #loudapparel #interview

What inspires you?

I’m really inspired by people who ignore what other people think of them, good or bad and just do what makes them happy. Due to this, Freddie Mercury is a person that I really look up to. Not only did he have this mindset and was unapologetically himself, but he also created timeless music that will forever be remembered. His success was mainly to do with his music but everyone that ever watched him perform will always remember how “himself” he was and that is just so cool.

What are your hobbies?

I love to paint because I find colours so beautiful and it’s so fun and relaxing to put them onto paper and make colourful images. I also love singing just because music makes me really happy just letting loose even if the majority of the time it’s out of tune and off key.

Chit Chat Tuesday With Model & Actress Grace Fincham #kidmodel #kidswear #loudapparel #interview

If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

•To have world peace because I don’t want to live in a world where people are fighting and discriminated against.

•To end world hunger and drought because children and adults shouldn’t have to die because they are too badly off to get food and drink.

•To end climate change and the extinction of animals because how can I do the other two wishes if I don’t have a planet to live on or animals to enjoy it too.

If you could travel in time would you go to the distant past or somewhere in the future?

I wouldn’t want to risk going to either because I’ve watched enough sci-fi to know that drastic things happen if you change even small things but if I’m thinking in the way of why the hell not, I would go to the future to see how the world ends and watch the sun blow up. But I definitely have to have a Tardis and a Doctor!

Chit Chat Tuesday With Model & Actress Grace Fincham #kidmodel #kidswear #loudapparel #interview


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Styling: Image slides: 1-3 styled by @aftonayache_creation

Styling: Image Slides: 4-8 styled by Storme Sabine

Brand Featured: Loud Apparel & Afton Ayache Creations

Model: Grace Fincham, Follow Grace on Instagram here.  Agency @signaturemodels_actors




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