Chit Chat Tuesday with Mini Style Prodigy Giana

All new Chit Chat Tuesday interview with Giana on Junior Style London

We are so thrilled to interview Giana, child street style, muse, and artist best known by her Insta handle @g.von.g. If you’re not already following this little dynamo, what are you waiting for? In the meantime, Giana talks best collabs ever, fave artists, and how she manages to be an artist and a student as an 8-year-old kid!

JS: Your rise to internet celebrity has been swift. Do people recognise you on the street yet?

Giana: I actually did get recognised once on the streets of NYC. It was so crazy!!! When I do pop up events selling my prints, people will come up to me and say they have been following me on Instagram and they want to take a picture with me.

JS: What has been your most memorable brand collaboration to date?

Giana: Haus of Jr (Image below) was a very cool collaboration and it definitely got lots of people talking about it online. People have been asking if I have any more shirt designs coming and I finally do have another one dropping next month! It will be one design and will be available in both kids and adult sizes. I am really excited and it is super cool.

JS: You recently launched your own YouTube channel, what kinds of content can we expect to see from you over the next year?

Giana: I plan to do more unboxings and some style look-books. I love to show different kinds of cool clothes for other kids who might have a style like mine. Also, people like to see the different brands I wear and what catches my eye. Unboxings are so much fun to do.

All new Chit Chat Tuesday interview with Giana on Junior Style London

JS: How do you balance school and work?

Giana: School always comes first and because of that, I get good grades. If I have an upcoming project or event, my mom always makes sure to plan everything out, so both school and work can get done.

JS: How long have you been working as an artist?

Giana: I have always been an artist since I was really little. Since my first solo art show last November I have been able to do tons of things and feel very happy how everything has turned out. Art and Fashion go together and I get to do both which is amazing!

JS: Your style is so unmistakable and amazing. Do you style yourself or do you get input from mum and dad?

Giana: When I was very little my mom would help me get dressed and now that I am 8, I definitely know what I like and don’t like. I enjoy picking out outfits and wearing clothes that other kids might not like. Me and my mom love to go shopping together and she definitely has a very cool style. I like to dress like her sometimes, but I definitely have my own style.

JS: Who are your favourite celebrities?

Giana: My ultimate fave is GWEN STEFANI. She is the best dresser ever. She even has her own cartoon on Nickelodeon and the characters even have a very cool style. I LOVE HER!!!!

Giana the Artist

JS: What fashion magazines most inspire you?

Giana: VOGUE will forever inspire me. But, Barbie has been inspiring me at the moment. My grandma gave me a huge box of vintage Barbie clothing from the 1950’s and my mom just gave me a box of 1980’s Barbie clothes. It is so funny how different they are. I like Barbie because you can always change their clothes and make them look different. I love playing fashion show and thinking up of different outfits.

JS: If you had three magic wishes, what would they be?

Giana: To get more wishes!!! Live at Disneyland and have 1000’s of Barbies.

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