Chit Chat Tuesday With Tinono Kids’ Dana And Ronit

In this edition of Chit Chat Tuesday, Junior Style gets to know Tinono Kids Co-founders and mother-daughter duo Ronit and Dana. Inspired by nature and movement, the brand emphasized comfortable and roomy shapes for the little ones to play in freely.

JS: How long did you think about starting your own label before you finally took the plunge? Do you have a background in textiles or design?

Dana: Actually, the idea became a reality really fast. Before establishing the brand I worked as an interior designer and I loved it. It was a great experience – planning a home for a young family, and helping them make their dream home come true. However, at some point, I felt that there was something missing, and really wanted to make something that is 100% me. To design for myself, and for my girls. I always say that “design is design is design”, so the transition to fashion and textile was easy for me, it’s just a matter of learning about the production and the materials, but I always like to learn and to use professional help. When I came up with the idea of Tinono Kids, I told my mother about it straight away. She immediately told me to go for it – and together we did.

Chit Chat Tuesday interview with Tinono Kids' Dana and Ronit

JS:  Please explain to our readers how ‘Tinono’ got its name.

Ronit: Even before we had a label, we had the name. One day Dana came to me and told me she had a name for a business—Tinono. That’s how it all began.

Dana: Yes, when my youngest Roni was born, her big sister Yuval (then 3 years old ) was so excited, and so in love with her. She started calling her Tinono, and came up with a song which translates to  ” sisters love… Tino no no…”. It was magical. I asked her what does Tinono meant, and she said it means “something small”. Something just felt right about it. It clicked.

JS: Where do you find inspiration?

Dana: We are inspired by a lot of things—from big to small. We can get inspired by an art exhibition, history or nature, but we also get inspired from the little things in our daily life—like something one of the girls said, or a moment in time. The important thing for us in our work is to connect to our values and beliefs and try to inspire others as well.

Chit Chat Tuesday interview with Tinono Kids' Dana and Ronit

JS: Are your children involved in the design or perhaps the testing process of your label?

Dana: Of course! They have their hands in the entire process. For starters, every item we design is designed for them. We also do all the fittings with them, and they are excited to see the new items that we are planning. Sometimes Yuval will draw a sketch with ideas of her own and make up her own label. And of course, they are also our home models. And sometimes they don’t want to participate—and that’s fine too.

JS: How do you see the brand growing over the next five years?

Ronit: When we started the business we thought about a small home studio, something local, a boutique. After a year we felt ready to start chasing the bigger dream—to become an international label. In the next five years, we are expecting to grow, to have our collections in great boutiques and online stores around the world. We also want to have a larger selection of boys’ wear, and add a baby collection.

JS: What is your home city and what are your favourite activities to do there with the family?

Dana: We live in Herzelia which is 20 minutes’ drive from Tel Aviv.  It’s my hometown, and where I’m planning to stay and raise my own family. Our home is right near the beach, and we have a beautiful coast in Israel. I love going to the beach all year round, but especially in the winter because it is so special, and the beach is empty. We also like to travel and hike; we live in a unique country with rich history, culture, and great views.

JS: What are your passions/hobbies/interests outside of the business?

Ronit: Besides family time, and our “baby” which takes a lot of our time, I always enjoyed cooking and having guests—family and friends. My house is an “open house” everyone is always invited.

Dana: I like to eat whatever she is cooking, she is the best cook! I also like to travel, I love spending time in nature, camping, and exploring.

JS: What can we expect to see in your SS18 collection? Do you have any favourite pieces?

Ronit: Israel is a warm country with a very hot summer, so our collection is very light and breezy, and easy to wear. Our favourites for this season are of course the 360 tank dresses, our best sellers, we get a lot of great feedback about them. Another great piece is the chambray overall. It’s the first time we are having an overall, and we wanted to create a piece that can be styled in different ways – you can wear it as it is, or you can add a shirt or a tank underneath and it will look amazing every time. It’s elegant and playful at the same time.

Check out the Tinono Kids Spring Summer ’18 collection here.

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