Chit Chat Tuesday- Ashleigh Dempster of AKID

cct akid family imageAs I always say in the office…good morning, good morning, good morning!!

It has been crazy busy at the Circus offices as we prepare for some events and our press day.  I hope that you are ready for a fabulous chinwag, as this week I have got one of my favourite children’s shoe brands joining me! Please join me in welcoming AKID Ashleigh Dempster all the way from LA!! The first time I ever spotted AKID was on Instagram and I just thought OMG who is this brand!? I need them in my life! The bottom line is, is that they are unbelievably cool and I seriously want a pair in my size! FACT! Let’s be honest – if fashionable tot North West is a fan they must be a winner!

So enough blabbing from me, let’s get cracking!

Ashleigh, thank you so much for joining both myself and the wonderful CCT readers on today show! Let’s start off by you telling us a little bit about yourself…

Good morning everyone! I currently live in Los Angeles and co-founded AKID with my husband a year ago. My background has nothing to do with footwear except that I’ve always been shoe obsessed. I come from the marketing and events world (had co-founded another company with my best friend from Toronto that we ran for 7 years).

OMG Toronto?! That’s where I was born – hands up to that A! What made you go in to children’s fashion?  

I had kids of my own!  That changed everything!

AND why shoes?

When our first born started walking Matt (my husband) and I noticed the gap in the marketplace for fashionable yet functionable footwear for kids.  It all came together quite organically as he has an extensive background in footwear and I just love shoes.

I’m with you on that! My Grandma always said to me that shoes say everything about a person and it’s stuck with me ever since! Where did the name AKID come from?  

I wish I had an interesting story about how we came up with the name but I don’t unfortunately. We just wanted something simple, catchy and looked good on when printed on a shoe!


cct akid collageA selection of Akid Spring Summer 2015.

You may not have a memorable story to the founding of the name but you definitely nailed it! Tell us about the brand…

AKID brand’s mission is to create fashionable footwear for kids.  For many brands, the focus is on their adult business with children’s as an extension of that. AKID is all about the kid. We make product that is not only functional but pushes the limits from a fashion standpoint.

Wooo hands up to that!! It’s insane how much children’s fashion is taking off! Talk about exciting! You’ve just taken Vida Kids on in the UK – how did that come about?  

Vida found us through Circus and the partnership came together really quickly.  Vida represents some of the best kids brands out there so we feel lucky to be amongst the collections in portfolio.

Where do you draw inspiration from for the designs as they are fab?

From everywhere. It can be the most obvious places or the most bizarre! But there is no method to our madness, we just create what we like.

That’s the best way! There is nothing like a bit of madness to spice things up! Would you ever consider any collaborations? Who would you love to collaborate with?

We just launched our first collaboration with a line called Mara and Mine based out of Los Angeles. The Founders are friends of mine. We opened our companies around the same time and thought it would be fun to do a mini version of their Jem Skull loafer for the kids. AKID has a few other special projects in the works but it’s too early to share any details. To answer your question though, we are always open to fun projects where we can collaborate with like minded people and brands.

cct littlemissalba

Our friend Little Miss Alba wearing Akid Shoes.

cct akid scout

Little Style Icon London Scout out and about in New York wearing Akid Shoes.

That’s so exciting! Congrats on your first collaboration! I can’t wait to hear more about what you have in-store! What’s coming up for the brand in 2015?

We’re excited to be launching two new styles this year. One is a velcro option and the other is a sport slide.  Other than that, expect lots of bold colours, patterns, studs and more!

This is too much to handle!! Bring it on! Ok I know this is a hard question BUT part from AKID – what is your favourite shoe wear brand and why? Let’s go for adults to make it a tad easier! 

Let’s see, for adult shoes, I have a ton. During the day I live in converse and at night I can usually be found sporting very high heels. Brands vary but I like an edgy shoe. Something that stands out and completes your outfit.

I am with you on that one! As I said before – I think your shoes say a thousand words! And last but not least who is your style icon? 

Kate Moss…but isn’t she everyone’s?  Gwen Stefani is pretty amazing too!

They have got fab style – what icons!

Ash, thank you so much for joining us on the show today! It has been so lovely having you and hearing a little bit more about AKID! All I can say is I am excited for 2015!

Join me next week lovely people for lots more chinwagging and gossip! Lots of love Kate 🙂 xxx

Images courtsey of Akid, Little Miss Alba and London Scout.

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