An Interview with Popupshop’s Luca Romagnoli

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We are thrilled to have Katy Hill interview Luca Romagnoli, owner and CEO of Popupshop for this edition of Chit Chat Tuesday. Romagnoli is quite a private person so it is a truly a privilege to have him on the Junior Style blog!

KH: Luca, thank you so much for joining us we are hugely appreciative! So, let’s start off by you telling us a little bit about yourself.

LR: Good morning everyone and thank you for having me on CCT! Well, my name is Luca Romagnoli and I was born in Odense (Denmark). I am half-Italian and studied Design Management in Kolding.




KH: Do you still live in Odense?

LR: No, I now live in Copenhagen with my girlfriend, three children and dog.

KH: Ooh Copenhagen! What a gorgeous city! Why did you start designing?

LR: Marie-Louise with whom I started popupshop and I started designing children’s clothing after not being able to find the right kind of clothes for our kids! We both place a huge importance on the quality of the garments that we buy for our children. We want there to be more to them than just the way that they look – ‘substance’ as we like to call it!




KH: Can you tell us a little bit about the garments at Popupshop that you create and produce.

LR: As I said, we place a huge importance on creating garments that are of a high quality which are also affordable. All of our fabrics are soft, durable, colourfast cottons in various weaves for ease of movement, fit and comfort! The fabrics used are mostly GOTS-certified organic knitted cotton and the digital prints are GOTS labelled securing that the colours used contain no harmful chemical residues. Important factors with kids especially!

KH: Most definitely! Where do you draw inspiration from?

LR: From so many places—  and from combining imaginary images of natural spaces and forms with wild animals. We have played around and mixed different patterns with all over prints, forms and colours that are warm, vibrant and fearless. We have tried to balance the overall expressions to reflect the complexity of the meeting between urban environments and the wilderness.



Shop Popupshop’s SS16 and High Summer collection at Busy and the Boy and Junior Edition or at Popupshop.

Influencer images from top to bottom courtesy of:, @zoe.3ban, @blossomkind



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