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cct introimage ladiesGood morning, good morning my wonderful CCT readers! I hope that you are all fabulous and ready for the week ahead! It is all ‘go, go,go’ in the world of Kate at the moment! The breaks are on full speed which is very exciting!

This week I have got two wonderful ladies called Carmit and Vered who are from leading children’s fashion agency The Feather Kids! I recently met ‘The Feather Kids’ and instantly fell in love with the quirky, edgy brands that they represent. I won’t name any faves but you should definitely check out the brands that they represent if you’re looking for something different!

The ladies are approaching one of their busiest times as they prepare for the selling season whereby they will be meeting with leading department, independent and online retailing stores! So, just before the storm starts, I grab a minute with the ladies to catch up! So, let’s get to it! 

Ladies! Thank you so much for joining us on CCT today we are very appreciative! Let’s start off by you telling us a little bit about yourselves and your background…

Good morning! Thank you so much for having us on CCT!

Carmit: I am the founder of ‘Intoro’ which is a company that produces IT accessories. We supply our products to football clubs and big retail and department shops.

Vered: I am a lawyer and an entrepreneur in the restaurant business.

What interesting backgrounds ladies! What made you decide to set up your own sales company for childrenswear?

Carmit: I was looking to dress my daughter Noa in an edgy, cool style and discovered the market was lacking this type of fashion for girls and boys. So, I decided to do something about it and set up my own sales agency.
cct featherkids loudapparel2

Loud Apparel

What is it about children’s fashion that you both love? 

We love that you can mix and match different styles of kids clothes and for the end result to look amazing! There are no rules as individuality is what makes people stand out from the crowd! All in reason of course…

Tell us about The Feather Kids…

We are a kids wear agency representing brands from Europe and USA in the UK market. Since we established in 2011 we have expanded and taken the agency to a high level of operation.

Why the name The Feather Kids?

Vered: Because Carmit likes feathers…

What brands do you currently represent?

We are very lucky as we represent some fabulous brands! On board at the moment we have Nadadelazos, Loud Apparel, Kids on the Moon, Toosh & Dabush, Popupshop, Efvva, Jetpaq, Omamimini Los Angeles, Venera Arapu, Agatha Cub and Hebe.
cct featherkids popupshop1


We are always searching for unusual garments and designers. We love unique designers that have a story behind their brand and who are not afraid to create a different style. This is what we feel differentiates them and allows them to take a whole new approach with kids fashion.
cct featherkids efvva


You’ve got a great mixture of brands that you represent! Are there any brands on the horizon?

Carmit: There are two potential brands that we love! However, for the next coming season we would like to concentrate on pushing our new represented brands through creating more awareness of versatile kids fashion in the UK market.

cct fetherkids oganimiOmamimini

Where do you go to look for new brands?

Vered: We currently travel to Paris, New York and are planning to travel to the Far East soon which is really exciting.
Ctt Featherkids LoudApparel

Loud Apparel

What fabulous places to travel to! What do you look for in a brand when you’re considering representing it?

We look for brands that are contemporary, innovative and cutting edge yet have their own distinct character. The cut, colours and prints of the garments are very important factors when we come to make our final decision! AND quality! That is crucial for us!

cct featherkids intro agathacub

Agatha Cub.

What’s coming up for The Feather Kids agency?

Carmit: A new cool showroom! We have just put down the deposit for an amazing new space in Camden! This is where we are going to be holding our SS16 buying appointments for all of our fabulous brands.
cct featherkids popuo2


Camden is great area! Especially when the sun is shining! How do you prepare yourself for selling season?

We wanted to do something different this season! So, we are currently planning to shoot a photo campaign which will be distributed to all shops and online. This is going to be shot by the end of the month so we are really looking forward to getting the ball rolling with this. We are also going to be sending out news letters, putting social media campaigns in place and interacting more with individuals in the industry in order to increase awareness. There is lots going on so watch this space…

Pushing the boundaries! I love that! What brand is your favourite children’s brand for AW15?

That’s a hard question as there are some incredible brands out there! We are really lucky with all of the brands that we currently represent as we love them all….

Sorry that was a hard question but you’re right you have got some fab brands! Ladies, thank you so much for joining us today it has been great having you on the show! I wish you the best of luck with the SS16 selling season and I can’t wait to hear more about the photo shoot as it all sounds very exciting!

To book a SS16 appointment with The Feather Kids if you are a retailer, make sure you visit their website below for more information:



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