Chit Chat Tuesday with Virginia Zingone, founder of Children’s Show.

In this week’s Chit Chat Tuesday interview, we catch up with Virginia Zingone, the founder and director of Children’s Show. Children’s Show is an international trade show held twice a year in New York, featuring elevated kids’ fashion and lifestyle brands across various categories. Virginia hails from a lineage of distinguished entrepreneurs in the children’s fashion realm, representing the fourth generation of a family legacy that began in Naples and flourished in Rome, with multi-brand stores spanning Italy and the globe since 1896. Italian at heart, Virginia finds her inspiration in New York, where she lives today.

Virginia Zingone Children's Show New York

Tell us your story.

I come from a family of well-known entrepreneurs in the children’s fashion world. I am the fourth generation of a family that has established its name starting from Naples and consolidating in Rome, opening multi-brand stores in Italy and around the world. The company was founded in 1896. I have had the opportunity to be immersed in this since I was a child, observing every aspect of this market. Thanks to my parents, I traveled a lot, I got to know the fairs early on, having the opportunity to understand how much work goes into a retail chain. I felt the need to say something of my own within this industry right away, never distancing myself from it. In my 20, my father said to me: you have the opportunity to do what you want, decide. I loved music and have imagined a different path in my life often, but after all I felt the need to continue exploring this sector. After a few years, I created my own brand, a formal collection all Made in Italy, mainly distributed in the United States. This has given me a new perspective, that of the vendor with all the difficulties and uncertainties that a foreign brand faces when exporting its collection in the US. In 2022, post-pandemic, I opened my showroom for only Italian companies, IKB, which has consolidated my experience and knowledge in this industry.

Tell us about Children’s Show?

My idea was to create an event with a high-end presentation to showcase the collections in the best possible way. I wanted to combine the concept of a fun fair for the whole children’s industry representing all categories. From apparel to accessories, jewellery to maternity, yet in an elegant and functional setting. Details matter to me. We managed to find a venue with a typical New York metropolitan character. From catering to lighting… every detail is carefully selected… but most of all, an appointment for this community, to better carefully build the business

How it all started?

Some years ago, I realized the need of an event in the United States that could bring together elevated companies from around the world. Price point and preparation are crucial for these companies in entering this market. To address this need, we aim to guide and ensure their comprehensive preparation for the fair, covering all logistical and shipping aspects, as well as preparing them for showcasing their products effectively. The show serves as a vital connection bridge, supported by the same organizers, and is fundamental in maintaining continuity in our work. And for a big idea, you need a big partner. I reached out to IEG USA (Italian Exhibition Group USA, Inc.), the U.S. subsidiary of the world-leading trade show organizer Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A., a joint-stock company listed on Euronext Milan. With over 50 years of experience in organizing trade shows and more than 100 trade shows in seven countries around the world, IEG has been a crucial partner in making this vision a reality. Thanks to the support of this group, led by Chairman Tommaso Cancellara, Francesco Santa International Business Development Director, and Laura Ponzoni International Business Development Manager, we have been able to create something truly magical.

How do you view social media, especially platforms like Instagram, in the context of your work? Is it a source of love, hate, or a mix of both? Could you elaborate on your perspective?

I view social media, especially platforms like Instagram, as a vital tool in my work. It has largely replaced many traditional forms of communication within sector. We invest significantly in digital platforms for communication purposes. Despite the privacy concerns associated with these tools, social media allows us to showcase the behind-the-scenes of our work, as well as the final results, creating engaging interactions with our end customers. I find this intimate and fast form of communication in business to be unprecedented and incredibly valuable.

Children’s Show instagram

What advice can you give to brands participating in trade show?

The advice I would give to brands participating in trade shows is to prioritize preparation. The American market is vast and complex, leaving no room for improvisation. I take pride in the fact that our fair focuses on this aspect. We aim to ensure that brands do not feel abandoned during or after the event, but most importantly, we prepare them thoroughly before their presentation. This approach is crucial for success in such a competitive market.

What do you attribute your success to?

I firmly believe that success stems from determination. I am incredibly determined when I believe in a vision or goal. I am not afraid of failure; instead, I fear the regret of not trying. Additionally, I attribute success to the incredible people we encounter along our journey, whose support and contributions play a significant role in our achievements.

What is your favorite place in the world?

As an Italian, Italy will always be home to me. However, I find inspiration for all my projects right here, in New York City. New York is a wonderfully demanding city that pushes you to give your best every day. It takes a lot from you but gives you even more in return. I love living with new daily challenges, which is why I love New York. In a long-term vision, this city fuels my creativity and drive for success.

Where do you envision your project in five years? Any exciting plans or developments on the horizon? Projects?

In five years, my team and I envision our project expanding globally. We are considering exporting the Children’s Show format to make connections within the industry even more accessible worldwide. We have many exciting development ideas on the horizon, so I suggest staying tuned for updates!

What is your goal for Children’s Show?

My goal for Children’s Show is to facilitate connections within the industry through the presentation of selected companies and the creation of events. The upcoming summer season, scheduled for July 29-30, promises to be full of news and events, and we are excited to present them to the world.

Tell us about upcoming summer edition of Children’s Show.

For our upcoming summer edition, the second installment of Children’s Show, we are excited to bring more events to the show to connect buyers, visitors, brands, and other industry players. We have a big surprise in store for everyone, which we will reveal soon. Our goal is to build a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for children’s fashion and lifestyle and give access to the right market in the kids luxury fashion segment in US.

In addition to the main event, we are also working on pre and post opportunities for the brands that participate in our show. We believe that brand representation extends beyond the two days of the show; it requires ongoing effort and engagement. We are aware that this is a journey, but every journey starts with a single step, and we are committed to taking that step with our community.

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