Chit Chat Tuesday With Young Gods Clothing

Chit Chat Tuesday With Young Gods Designers with Shauna Carr from Fresh Kid Nation

Young Gods clothing inspires one to reach their fullest potential as they are reminded by Images and artwork placed on each handmade garment, to be their very best. Young Gods represent a lifestyle that younger people can adopt at any age which encourages good moral and ethical character.  Using mostly natural fabrics such as cotton, silk and linens, etc, every design is custom made and handcrafted by Creative Director Eunika (centre), who spends her time sketching, designing, cutting, sewing and creating the one of a kind Young Gods clothing pieces.

Shauna Carr from Fresh Kid Nation speaks with Eunika Simmons, the founder and creative director of Young Gods clothing label and her sons Nigel and Carlos,  and finds out more about the inspiration for the collection and the brands recent NYFW show.

Chit Chat Tuesday With Young Gods Designers with Shauna Carr from Fresh Kid Nation

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourselves?

Young Gods Clothing Brand was created in 2015 by NYC based Fashion Designer Eunika Simmons and her two children Nigel and Carlos Simmons. The brand was created to represent the younger generation of high-end fashion-conscious youths who inspire to make a positive difference in the world. Nigel is 16 yrs old and aspires to be an Architect/Engineer and Carlos is a 12 yr old scholar who plays the keyboard as well as love engaging in a multitude of Creative Arts. The brothers are the owners of this brand and represent young entrepreneurs in America.

Chit Chat Tuesday With Young Gods Designers with Shauna Carr from Fresh Kid Nation

What lead you to launch a children’s apparel label with family?

Our family started the clothing line after receiving a vision/thought of creating a clothing brand for children that represented greatness or at least inspired people to be greater versions of themselves.

What makes your label unique?

We are authentic, original and unique. Our thoughts and ideas do not stem from watching and observing others. It comes from our inner creative soul and natural gifts that allows original works to be produced which stands out. We do not place limitations on our ideas. We explore them. We push to make ourselves greater than we were yesterday by self-examination measures rather than comparing ourselves to other brands or people.

Chit Chat Tuesday With Young Gods Designers with Shauna Carr from Fresh Kid Nation

Where does your inspiration for the pieces come from? 

We get our inspiration from the fabric we see, the vision we see when we meditate, the culture we live in, as well as the culture our Ancestors lived in! Ancient African culture is very vibrant, creative, and stimulating to the imagination. We get our ideas from almost anything that resonates with our inner passions which correlate to our life purpose.

We enjoy seeing people grow and expressing themselves in their most authentic manner. This mere fact inspires us to create clothing for the youth that allows them to express themselves in a multitude of ways.  Being able to contribute to someone’s desire to express themselves in a multitude of ways makes us feel like we are accomplishing our goals as designers.

Chit Chat Tuesday With Young Gods Designers with Shauna Carr from Fresh Kid Nation

What led you to create a show for  NYFW?

We wanted to produce our own fashion event for NYFW. For us, producing our own show felt like a challenge we wanted to invite ourselves to as challenges help a person grow.

We started to plan the show around 2.5 months before the fashion show event. Producing the show as well as the step that it took to create the show both derived from our passion of wanting to challenge ourselves. Founder & Creative Director, Eunika has a history of participating in fashion shows which allowed experience, wisdom, and knowledge to be utilized while formatting our show. We did not hire outside help instead decided to see what our strengths looked like and felt as though we could rely on them to carry us through this production. I am happy to report that our show was sold out!

It was an incredible event with over 400 attendees, 70 runway models, a young host and performing artist and lots of support from the Young Gods fashion community that has been steadily building.

Chit Chat Tuesday With Young Gods Designers with Shauna Carr from Fresh Kid Nation

Since launching the first collection Young Gods has taken part in a number of fashion week events, fashion runway shows and fashion events in the US and been featured in, magazine publications such as Kids Fashion Magazine, Petite Magnifique Magazine, I-Fashion Magazine and many more.

Visit the Young Gods website here or follow @youngods_clothing



Interview by Shauna Carr, Fresh Kid Nation.  Follow Fresh Kid Nation @freshkidnation




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