Chit Chat Tuesday: Meet Emma Smith – Presenter, Journalist and Stylist


Good morning Chit Chat Tuesday readers! I hope that you have all had a wonderful week and are ready for some more chinwagging…
I don’t know if you remember but last week I was feeling very much in need of some sun. Time was ticking and I needed to use up two weeks of holiday before the end of February. So, I took the plunge! I hate to say it but this week I am joining you for CCT from Dubai! I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to jet off!

This week I am joined by the wonderful Emma Smith who talks to us about her exciting career, being on the FROW and interviewing Henry Holland! Yes…you did read that right – FROW and Henry Holland!

So let’s get to it! Emma thank you so much for joining me today! Let’s start off by you telling us a little bit about yourself…

I’m a fashion writer, stylist, presenter and mum to two kids. I’ve had quite of a varied career but it has all been very exciting!

I started out in broadcasting working for the BBC and independent radio stations as a presenter and journalist. I then decided I needed a bit of a change! I have always had a love of fashion and after pouring over amazing editorial shoots in magazines such as Vogue and Harpers I decided to enrol at the London College of Fashion where I studied a post grad in fashion journalism and worked on a number of fashion desks.

Since then I’ve been the fashion editor for a London Magazine and a travel publication. Now I try to combine my presenting skills with my fashion skills and have interviewed lots of designers at London Fashion Week.
b2ap3_thumbnail_cct_emma_2.jpgWow Emma what an exciting journey you have had!! What made you choose to go in to children’s fashion?

Before I had kids I never had an interest in childrenswear. The more familiar I came with childrenswear fashion the more I was blown away! Especially with all the great brands out there! Children’s fashion is amazing!

I completely agree with you! I never thought children’s fashion would be so exciting! What childrenswear brands are your favourite?

There are so many that are doing such a great job! I am an old fashioned girl at heart and adore French kids clothes! Bonpoint is a BIG favourite of mine but is unfortunately out of my price range (except when the sales are on!) I also love Marie Chantal and Caramel Baby and Child. I admire the way they design clothes for kids! I think that kids should stay as kids and wear clothing specifically for them! Zara and Gap are my high street faves! They always have little gems!

a1sx2_Blog_cct_emma_3.jpgSo you have your own blog and you do styling – how do you keep up with it all you busy lady!? Tell us a little bit about your blog…

I thought it would be great to share items of childrens clothing with others who may find dressing their kids difficult or who are simply looking for the latest trends! I have two children. My son is the younger of the two and when he came along and I found it so much harder to dress him than with my daughter. It was definitely a challenge for me but one that I loved!

I already had my ‘Your Style Fix’ blog which covered women’s trends and I thought “why not do the same for kids”! So, I launched Little Style Fix in Jan 2013. It still feels really new to me but I have to say I love sharing my favourite finds and the response has been great so far!

Have you got any styling tips for us?

I could be here all day! The ONE thing I would say is when it comes to boys trousers a lot of brands cut them on the generous side. I always find that they look baggy and end up being not very flattering. Because of this, I put my son in girl’s jeans/cords etc as the cut is slimmer and looks so much better! I don’t know how much longer I will be able to get away with this one for though!

Emma you’ve worked on so many shoots! Have you got a favourite?

The whole kids shoot area still feels relatively new to me and I’m still finding my feet a bit! I did my first childrenswear shoot last Autumn. My mind is constantly buzzing with different ideas and I have a few great shoots in the pipeline so watch this space!

What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on in your career? 

I loved covering London Fashion Week as a reporter/presenter. Not only did I get to sit front row at the shows but I also went backstage to interview models and designers such as Henry Holland, Matthew Williamson, John Rocha, Sophie Hulme and Eudon Choi.

Check you out being on the FROW! What a fantastic opportunity!

What do you think the childrenswear market is lacking at the moment?

Decent boys clothes. I actually get thoroughly depressed about this! Why do so many brands stick to the same boring colours?! However, Scotch Shrunk do great boys clothes. They have to be an ultimate favourite of mine! The only problem is, is that they start from the age of 4 which is still too big for my little boy!

We may have to have a word with Scotch Kids about this…

AND last but not least…what’s your clothing essential? 

A great pair of heels – not that I wear them that much anymore (!) but they literally have the ability to transform any outfit.

Chuck on your most comfy pair of jeans, team them with a pair of killer statement heels and you can go anywhere!

Thank you so much for joining both myself and Emma today for CCT!

Sending you kisses and sunshine from Dubai <3 Kate –x-

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Interview by Kate Hill from Circus London PR

All photographs courtesy of Emma Smith from Your Style Fix.

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