Collezioni Bambini: A Tribute to Anna Piaggi

Collezioni Bambini Anna Piaggi By Petra Barkhof

Junior Style is thrilled to be able to present to you A Tribute to Anna Piaggi, styled by sought after stylist and editor Petra Barkhof, with photography by Marco Tassinari.  This colourful editorial was first published in Collezioni Bambini in 2013.

Every month we will begin to share with you ‘Golden Oldies’, kid’s fashion editorials which are interesting, inspiring and still relevant today.

Scroll down for a Q&A with Petra Barkhof.

Collezioni Bambini Anna Piaggi By Petra Barkhof

Anna Piaggi is best known for her eccentric, vibrant dress sense. Anna would combine bright colours, patterns with fun accessories and hats, creating outfits that were said to be works of art.

Collezioni Bambini Anna Piaggi By Petra Barkhof

The journalist and stylist stood out in the front rows of fashion shows and relished the opportunity to dress up at all times, even just to visit the supermarket!  Muse as well as friends of Karl Lagerfeld, Anna counted Gianni Versace, Manolo Blahnik and many other designers as her personal friends.

Collezioni Bambini Anna Piaggi By Petra Barkhof

The late Bill Cunningham once said of Anna Piaggi, ‘I think she’s a poet with clothes, but a very fine poet.’  (*1)

Collezioni Bambini Anna Piaggi By Petra Barkhof


Collezioni Bambini Anna Piaggi By Petra Barkhof


Collezioni Bambini Anna Piaggi By Petra Barkhof


We recently caught up with Petra to find out a little more as to why she wanted to feature Anna Piaggi in an editorial.

JS: What inspired you to create A Tribute to Anna?

PB: During the Paris, Milan and other fashion show’s around the world, Anna was a constant presence.  Anna was a master of colours amongst the front rows and fashion pack wearing black clothing styles.  I thought this kind of styling would be a joyful way to dress children, and it worked as the kids really loved it!

JS: What is it that you love about Anna Piaggi?

PB: Anna Piaggi was the most creative person I have ever met in the fashion business.  Beside her look, I have also admired her journalistic work.  I love to discover never ending variations of mixing colours and patterns, so Anna was an amazing teacher!

JS: Did you ever meet Anna?

PB:  Yes.  I once asked if I could take a picture of her and I was struck by her kindness.

Always be creative dressing your kids!



Anna Piaggi for Collezioni Bambini

Photographer: Marco Tassinari

Styling: Petra Barkhof

Hair & Make-up: Antonella Gaglio

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