Anelia Alaudin

Originally from Malaysia, Anelia came to Ireland sixteen years ago where she studied medicine. Here she met her Czech husband and found themselves raising two smart & hilarious kids. Since having her two children Anelia has been able to find a creative outlet where she could express her lifelong interest in fashion styling and photography. You can follow Anelia and her family @anelia_a.

Junior Style Contributor Natasha Bridges

Natasha Bridges

Natasha lives on a smallholding in Shropshire UK with her son Oak and partner Jason. With a passion for photography and writing, Natasha loves to document her son growing up and share stories about his many playful adventures. Oak being a typical boy, a mud magnet and his agile abilities, makes the durability and comfort of clothing with style an important factor when writing her Growing Oak blog.

Follow Natasha on Instagram at @Growing.Oak

Yvadney Davis Stylist

Yvadney Davis

Yvadney is a kids fashion stylist and edits the blog Mums That Slay. After studying her Fashion Design degree at Central Saint Martins she initially worked in PR.

Yvadney lives in London with her husband and 2 young children, MG and Lolo, sharing her passion for mummy and mini style daily on Instagram. Her styling work can be seen on

Contributor listing Jessica Dickinson 1

Jessica Dickinson

Following a career in finance, Jessica has turned her attention to longtime passions for children’s fashion and photography.  As a mother to two young children, she enjoys documenting her family’s days and sharing stories from their explorations.  When not behind the camera, she’s always on the lookout for unique brands that celebrate the joys of childhood.

Follow Jessica on Instagram at Blake Acres.

Fannice Fashion Contributor

Fannice Fashion

From love for kids and fashion addiction, the passion for kids’ fashion. This is my other world in a nutshell. I am the soul of the kid’s fashion blog Fannice Kids Fashion. A made-up word, created combining the name and surname of my two little girls, Anna and Alice. Our third child, Aurora, joined us in September 2017. They are the true protagonists of the blog. Based in Milan, we love to travel and photography and have a soft spot for all vintage and for stuffed animals!

Follow us on Instagram at @fannicefashion or visit Fannice Kids Fashion Blog.

Manuela Franjou and family

Manuela Franjou

Manuela Franjou lives on a Catalan farm with her husband and children, surrounded by nature.  Manuela, a fine art, family and lifestyle photographer began to photograph fashion as she felt there is a lot of art involved in the planning of a shoot, for example looking for a location, sourcing clothes, the models, the aesthetic, etc and how it all fits together. ‘The children are amazing, they are so intuitive and emotional, so I really love working with them. I like to work with ethical, handmade, ecological and authentic brands to contribute to a better world’.  Manuela’s Instagram account mainly portrays day to day life with her 4 children, with the images shared capturing a very natural, timeless feel.

Follow Manuela on Instagram @mesenfantasauvages or visit Manuela’s website to view further work.

Bodhen & Jory Contributor image

Bodhen & Jory Mesrits

Mother and Son team Jory Mesrits and Bodhen live in the Netherlands. Two years ago Jory opened an Instagram account for son Bodhen, now seven years of age and a whole new world opened up ready to discover and allowed Jory to explore her love of photography.

Follow Jory & Bodhen @bodhendinodutch

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