Dancing in the Grass

Dancing in the Grass Brand Profile

Dancing in the Grass is a clothing company owned and managed by the designer Carla Högström, who defines her fairly unique design as a result of love.

‘I love the Swedish nature – especially the Stockholm archipelago: thousands of forested islands with a teeming animal life. It’s magic,’ Carla Högström says. ‘It was love at first sight – we don’t have anything like this in Portugal. My design is simply a fusion of the love I feel towards the archipelago, children and healthy food, such as vegetables, fruit and berries.’

Dancing in the Grass Brand Profile

Dancing in the Grass creates children’s wear that is comfortable to wear and made for playing. Fashionable with a sporty touch. The essence of the brand is to bring fashion, family and a healthy lifestyle together in exciting collections for children, two to ten years old. Carla’s own young daughter is a constant source of inspiration.

Dancing in the Grass Brand Profile

The textile patterns and the design characterising the marketing is sprung from an intriguing and surrealistic fairy tale environment, where the colours and shapes found in nature are ever-present. ‘Nature is a fantastic place, offering us all an automatic reset, where we can appreciate simple things like fruit and berries’, Carla says. ‘I want children and their parents to find their way to all the green treasures of nature and hopefully, my playful design can serve as an inspiration towards that goal.’

Dancing in the Grass Brand Profile

There is also a strong environmental awareness in the company: the high-quality garments are produced in Portugal and the materials are either organic or recycled. All production processes follow the guidelines for best practice and are quite simply the best the industry has to offer.

Dancing in the Grass Brand Profile

Shop the Dancing in the Grass collection HERE.


Boutiques and online stores stocking Dancing in the Grass.


UK: Wolf and Badger

Sweden: Online stores – Mini Love, Lillalisen, Vira and Lo

Sweden: Physical stores- Vira and Lo

France: Physical store-  Les enfants d’Abord

Norway:  Online store- Mall of Norway

CH: Online Store- Lamarmo

Germany: Physical store- Kids Korner Berlin

Saudi Arabia:  Physical store- Mama Susu

www.mamasusu.com.sa  (coming soon)




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