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My love affair with denim began back as a teenager, my first pair of Levi’s had me hooked from the first time I wore them – who can forget those memorable 80’s Levi’s ads featuring Nick Kamen and also Brad Pitt as J.D in Thelma and Louise…’I love to watch him go’…drools Thelma as he saunters away in jeans, white t-shirt, cowboy boots and of course hat!

Jeans have been with me ever since through many adventures, travels, heartbreaks and love affairs and are still with me on the school run, now of course my daughters are wearing them and I am sure they will become a wardrobe staple they will love too..

A little History – Denim first emerged during the 17th Century as a cord type cloth used for workwear in Genoa, Italy and was exported by Genoese sailors throughout Europe. In Nimes, France this fabric was attempted to be copied but without much luck, what they ended up with instead was a twill fabric which decame know as Denim (de Nimes.) It wasn’t until 1873 that the first riveted jean that we now know and love so well was born – Jacob Davis was a tailor who was a custoner at Levis Strauss’ dry goods store in New York selling bolts of cloth and approached Levi with his idea of clothing reinforced with rivets and the rest as they say is history…


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It was really the popularistaion of Jeans by movie and pop stars such as James Dean, Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis to name but a few, that catapulted them into the mainstream as an everyday item. Since then each decade has had its own take on the classic with Flares in the 70’s, Stonewashed and bleached in the 80’s, grunge in the 90’s through to present day where almost every conceivable version is available from catwalk to high street.

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There are so many great denim pieces to choose from for children these days, and they are such great wardrobe staples which can be passed down from Sister to Sister or Brother to Sister, from the classic jeans and t-shirt combo to teaming a pretty dress with a denim jacket and boots or converse that it can be hard to know which to choose, however here I have selected a few of my favourites to be treasured and passed down to get you started…


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Always the classic, I love this cowgirl style with the pretty floral detail £19.90 and this boys fleece lined jacket is also great for girls £29.90, both available from 

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Some great fun and funky British made styles are available from their classic Originals style at £40 (first pic,) are a great addition to any boys or girls wardrobe, although they also do a Prairie girls Pinafore dress at £32 for those girls that only ‘do’ skirts, not forgetting the babies they also do the very cute Gummies (middle pic) at £28. Another cute style for the boys are these ones with turn ups – Chimmney Sweep Chinos in Dark Denim (last pic) from  at £35, these have great ethical credentials being made in organic cotton.

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Fieldlife do great British made versions of the classic 5 pocket jean in traditional blue (pictured right Boys Dark Denim Slimfit Jean £29) and also great funky colours such as pink, red and blue (pictured left Girls Skinny Pink Jeans £29) are available from

On my personal wishlist are Huit denim’s organic cotton jeans ( – made in Cardigan, Wales – they feature a great ‘History Tag’ – a personal identification number where you can upload your jeans adventures for the next wearer to discover what they have been up to!

I hope I have given you a few ideas for some new denim purchases, enjoy wearing and creating your own Jeans ‘story’!

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