Doudou, a French Tradition

blog af doudou introI have always been a big fan of Baby Comforters, as in France they play a major role for Baby. They are usually really cute; Baby takes them everywhere and feels safe with them.

Nearly every French baby has one and they usually become so attached that the Mums need to find a solution if the comforter was missing. Some French suppliers have a SOS Doudou in place with a stock of old collections to help Mothers in dispair to find again the loved and lost comforter.
“Doudou” is the name of the original French Baby comforter. It could take different shapes: a dummy, a small piece of fabric, Mummy’s scarf or simply a soft toy but always provides reassurance during times of stress, change or separation. In France, the tradition is usually to offer a Baby comforter to a Newborn. I was surprised that it wasn’t the case in the UK. The Doudou is part of our culture.

The “Doudou” / Baby Comforter is considered as a tansitional object. This concept was developed by English paediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Woods Winnicott.

When Baby starts to become conscious of the limit of his body and distinguish it with his mother, he starts experimenting the frustration and anxiety. The transitional object is often the 1st “not me” possession that belongs to the child – real object or even a melody or a word. This object is generally soft. It represents all components of “mothering” and helps the child to avoid anxiety when mummy is not here. The transitional phenomenon appears when baby is between 4 and 12 months old and between 6 and 12 months, your baby will start to form a very strong attachment to the chosen object.

blog af doudou with-baby

Doudou et Compagnie was created 15 years ago near Paris. Designer Zora created for her daughter a comforter from a swaddling blanket by just adding a plush
rabbit head. The “Doudou” was born.

blog af doudou original

Doudou et Compagnie reedited recently the original “Doudou”

Over the years Doudou et Compagnie have become the specialist in baby comforters and soft toys that go with them. The company has a commitment to making products of the highest quality and only the softest of fabrics are used.

blog af doudou bonbon

They offered beautiful collections, full of poetry to help your little one’s dreams to be sweet. The rabbit “Bonbon” whose name is inspired by sweets as he is cute, soft, smooth with pastel colours, easy to chew, to cuddle and bring everywhere.

Doudou et Compagnie, the expert of “Doudou” reinvents the comforter regularly. A lovely example is the Doudou puppets, which help Mummy to tell the bedtime story and he is so flat that he can be squeezed under baby’s ear for a good night sleep.

Blog af doudou puppets

Doudou et Compagnie is our guest on TendreDeal Boutique until Thursday!

Does your baby/child attached to a specific object he can’t live without?

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