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Blog Easter Main Pic.jpgWith the Easter Holidays in full swing, we bring you our first Easter Gift Edit.

Many of us are so busy at this period of time, so here at Junior Style we thought it would a great idea to bring to you a selection of the best gifts from the brands and retailers we work with to save you time looking.

As a child i didnt get Easter eggs……..please dont feel sorry for me here, i did actually get a gift of my choice (a tape cassette – do you remember these?) and a bar of chocolate.

Now, my children today get an Easter bag from Grandma containing Easter suprises, activities and some money, friends & releatives give them an Easter gift or Egg and they usually end up with around 15 Eggs……which both my partner and i naturally help them to consume.

Today, in the playground, it seems its all about how many Easter Eggs you get, where as when i was younger, you were luckly to get one! If you are like my parents and looking for an alternative Easter Gift, Look No Further!

Blog Easter Edit 01


First Row – Boys Easter Egg T-shirt (Blue) by Not for Ponies £14, Wild Things Bunny Rabbit Dungrees £42, Two Ducks Wooden Bunny Egg Cup £12.50,

Second Row – Long Eared Knitted Rabbit Egg Cosy £13.50, Egglings – Grow it yourself Mini Garden Kit £9, Not For Ponies Easter Bunny T-shirt £14,

Third Row – Easter Bunny Necklace £18 by La Belle et la Bete, First Baby Shoes Kit (Yellow) from Nelaned £20, Milliemanu Buster Bunny £19 – all profits go to Kids Company,

Fourth Row – Make Your Own Easter Egg Kit £12.99, Frugi Girls Rabbit Dress from Kinder Organic £26WWF Rivervine Rabbit T-shirt for girls £16.50 – Organic T-shirt

Can’t find the perfect gift here… then watch this space as in the coming days we will publish our Second Easter Gift Edit.

Happy Easter to you all.

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