Easter Gift Guide – Sorry No Chocolate Included!

blog easter intro imageWith Easter fast approaching, I thought it would be a great idea to find a lovely selection of alternative Easter gifts ………..mainly, as the boys are not getting any Easter Eggs this year as Daddy Style has decided to get the boys a pool table between them instead! …………and also, I think he wants to help them look after their teeth!!  (AlsoI always end up having to use all the chocolate to make cakes afterwards as my children are really fussy about what types of chocolate they like….Cadbury’s and Nestle simply won’t do!)

I must admit I love getting these edits together and finding beautiful gifts to show you.

I hope you find some inspiration for Easter and like some of the items!

Also, included are details of a Easter competition……

Here is my selection of Easter Gifts.

blog easter gifts march2015

From left to right……

1. Be the first to pick up a el RHEY Colour Changing ColourMeBrollie Launching Thursday 26th March, 2. Having a party? This gorgeous set contains all you will need for that perfect Easter Party by My Little Day 55.20€, 3. Princess & the Frock Colour Me Bright Dress, a dress your child gets to colour in! – Exclusively available at Itsy Bits Children’s Boutique £27.

4. Stylish Wooden Decorative Rabbits by Scandinavian Designer OYOY Living Designs, from Monkey McCoy £27, 5. Something to keep your little ones busy as they find creative ways to dress the bunny by drawing, painting, collage – 32 Ways to Dress A Bunny Activity Book from My Little Day 5€, 6. Hop & Peck Bunny Ears Egg Cup from Monkey McCoy £20.

7. Cute Hello Shiso Cherry Hair Clip, from online retailer Lublue £8, 8. Cute Mary Jane Bunny Ears Headband perfect for dressing up this Easter, from online retailer Lublue Was £16 NOW £10, 9. Mary Jane Bonnie Bunny Hair elastics £2.50.
Hope you have a lovely Easter Break.  Happy Easter 🙂

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