Eco Chic Styles from Pilgrim By Feather Drum

New Brand Alert Pilgrim by Feather Drum

Pilgrim is a new label by Kelly-Lee Wright, the creative genius behind bohemian children’s clothing brand Feather Drum.

Designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia, the eco-label uses plant and organic dyes and natural fabrics. Featuring Japanese inspired silhouettes, Pilgrim creates modern, chic and minimal looks for your little ladies. We think this label is definitely one to watch!

The design focused label includes a capsule collection of womenswear, which compliments the childrenswear line.

Scroll down for a Q & A with the brainchild of Pilgrim and Feather Drum, designer Kelly-Lee.

New Brand Alert Pilgrim by Feather Drum #kidsfashion #featherdrum #pilgrim

New Brand Alert Pilgrim by Feather Drum #kidsfashion #featherdrum #pilgrim

New Brand Alert Pilgrim by Feather Drum #kidsfashion #featherdrum #pilgrim

New Brand Alert Pilgrim by Feather Drum #kidsfashion #featherdrum #pilgrim

New Brand Alert Pilgrim by Feather Drum #kidsfashion #featherdrum #pilgrim

New Brand Alert Pilgrim by Feather Drum #kidsfashion #featherdrum #pilgrim

New Brand Alert Pilgrim by Feather Drum #kidsfashion #featherdrum #pilgrim



RC: When did you launch the first Feather Drum collection?

KW: I launched the first Feather Drum collection, Dream Seeker, on 12 August 2014.

RC: Why did you decide to start another childrenswear label?

KW: Pilgrim is a personal journey to become more responsible in the way that I manufacture the clothing I design.  At the heart of Pilgrim are the following core values:

* SUSTAINABLE:  Removing the nasty chemicals from the clothes we put on our skin by selecting natural organic fabrics and using natural &/or non-toxic, low-impact dyeing techniques

* SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE: Reducing the impact upon the environment from design right through to logistics, as well as ensuring no workers are exploited, no child labour or forced labour is being used in the manufacturing facility where the garments are produced.

* HANDCRAFTED:  Include pieces which skilled artisans have handcrafted instead of robots

* COMMITTED: To continuously research and develop innovative methods of producing sustainable apparel, including the use of recycled raw materials, up-cycling and minimising waste.

The lessons I’ve learnt (and continue to learn) from this pilgrimage are to be passed down and incorporated across the Feather Drum brand.

RC: Where did you get the inspiration for the collection?

KW: The first Pilgrim collection was entirely inspired by a visit to Japan in March 2016.  I’ve always been a fan of the influential work of Rei Kawabuko, Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake, but actually being in Tokyo took that love affair to another level.  I fell in love with the clean lines and bold minimalist style I was seeing everywhere.

Feather Drum has always been about the custom prints and knowing my intentions for Pilgrim, which was to develop a design focused eco-brand, it was an opportunity to experiment with keeping things clean and streamlined, to create a line that was modern, edgy, yet still very wearable.   Japanese inspired silhouettes, natural fabrics, oversized, bold and subtle designs will continue to be at the core of future collections.

Pilgrim also marks the introduction of a carefully curated women’s line.



You can shop the first kid’s collection here.  Shop the women’s collection here.



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