Editorial: Colour Condition By Cindy James

Editorial Cindy James Colour Condition Manuela Kids Design

Colour Condition by photographer Cindy James & stylist Teressa Ingram.

Scroll down to view a Q&A with Cindy.

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Q&A with Cindy James:

JS: What was the inspiration for this editorial?

CJ: The movement and bright colours of the art pieces made by The Color Condition were the main inspiration for this story.

JS: Have you worked with Teressa before?

CJ: Yes, I love Teressa and have worked with her for many years. Teressa is very creative and is a true artist and clothing is her medium. Teressa can make an ordinary garment into something extraordinary. In addition to styling, she is a child wrangler on set and is amazing with children, understanding them and knowing how to get down on their level and the children love her! Teressa is also one of the funniest people I know, which makes working with her feel like play all day!

JS: What is the takeaway moment from the shoot?

CJ: The goldfish shot was so funny! The little girl, Kamdynn was excited to do the shot with the goldfish. She was very “brave” and allowed us to put the goldfish in her rainboot. After about five minutes of shooting, she felt the fish swim against her leg and without thinking, she jerked her foot out of the boot. Water went everywhere. The whole team (including Kamdynn) all laughed so hard.

JS: What is your favourite picture if you had to choose?

CJ: My favourite shot it one of the two little girls trying to flip over each other. They kept laughing so hard that they couldn’t flip They were so cute!


Colour Condition Crew Credits:

Photographer: Cindy James. View her work here @cindyjamesphoto

Stylist: Teressa Ingram with Independent Artists

Hair/Makeup: Susie Jasper with Seaminx Artist Management

Lana Adams with Kim Dawson Agency

Models: Diego, Alyssandra, Capri, Kimberly, Jackson, Maddox, Zoey.


Colour Condition Clothing Credits:

Slide 1 – ALYSSANDRA: Manuela Shirt, Raspberry Plum Skirt, DIEGO: Zara Shirt.

Slide 2 – ALYSSANDRA: Manuela Shirt, Raspberry Plum Skirt.

Slide 3 – DIEGO: Zara Shirt.

Slide 4 – Image 1 – ZOEY: The Color Condition Headdress, Caroline Bosman’s Shirt, Tiny Cottons Romper, Slide 2 – ZOEY: Bandy Button Shirt, Headband – Hairstylist own.

Slide 5 – CAPRI: Cavalier Dress, H&M Socks, Vans Shoes.

Slide 6 – ZOEY: Bandy Button Shirt, Wolf & Rita Skirt, AKID Slides, KAMDYNN: Manuela Shirt, Raspberry Plum Skirt, Shoes – Stylists own.

Slide 7 – ZOEY: Bandy Button Shirt, Wolf & Rita Skirt, AKID Slides, KAMDYNN: Manuela Shirt, Raspberry Plum Skirt, Shoes – Stylists own.

Slide 8 – KAMDYNN: Bobo Choses Shirt, Tiny Cottons Skirt, Vans Shoes, MADDOX: Milk and Biscuits Shirt, Zara Trousers, JACKSON: Milk and Biscuits Shirt, Caramel Trousers, Puma Shoes.

Slide 9 – DIEGO: Milk and Biscuits Shirt, Zara Pants, Puma Shoes.

Slide 10 – KIMBERLY: Tiny Cottons Dress, Bang Bang Copenhagen Tights, Zara Boots.

Slide 11 – STORY: Manuela Shirt, Shorts, Bag.

Slide 12 – ZOEY: Stella McCartney Dress, Socks/Shoes – Stylists Own.




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