Kimono Jack An Editorial By Nick Dale

Kimono, once simply a word for “clothing”, has, over time, become more.  It has evolved into a term defining a culture and personifying a nation. But how does this ancient form of dress and the culture that it symbolises fit into a 21st-century world?

Kimono Jack events have spread across the globe as groups of people who share a love of fusion fashion gather to celebrate the kimono style and all that it encompasses.

Now we are part of the evolution of this 8th-century style and we invite others to join us and add to the legacy of this movement.

Editorial: Kimono Jack By Nick Dale

Editorial: Kimono Jack By Nick Dale

Editorial: Kimono Jack By Nick Dale

Editorial: Kimono Jack By Nick Dale

Editorial: Kimono Jack By Nick Dale

A word on the inspiration for Kimono Jack editorial from photographer Nick Dale I’ve always had a love of the many varied styles in Japan, particularly the kimono, which I have seen depicted in many fantastic works by artists such as Jeremiah Ketner. I began to wonder how this fashion might play with the younger generation. I was particularly keen to mix in some contemporary high street elements to create styles that would prove a relevant and valid part of the fashion narrative for modern youth, and in turn, introduce them to the joy, colour and history these garments bring.


Editorial Crew Credits:

Photographer: Nick Dale @nick.dale

Styling: Yi Jen, Hsieh @hsiehyijen

Makeup: David Hynes @davidhynesmakeup

Hair: Charly Denton @charlys_artofhair, Roni Chapman @ronichapmansalon_

Kimono supplied by Tia Ogiri@uberdandykimono, Sonoe Sugawara @furukiyokimonovintage,

Models: @tillychapman_, @matildarossofficial, @callista.lissy @KidsLondon



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