Feature: Urban Rainbows

Feature: Urban Rainbows #rainbows #kidmodel #teenmodels #teenfashion #rainbow #lockdown #covid #quarantine life

Notes on the inspiration for the images from the photographer and Mum Louisa: As we were heading towards lockdown, we saw many modelling friends in European cities locked into apartments with limited play areas for children, yet still finding ways to play and communicate with each other by putting rainbows in windows.

Coronavirus was on it’s way to the UK and so we chose to shoot this editorial in an estate close to home in Richmond upon Thames, as the children and I felt it best represented the many children around the world who live in apartments in cities without gardens. I think rainbows will be forever be associated with the lockdown children of 2020 and I felt that I wanted to shoot something reflecting the resilient spirit of children against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic.

Scroll down to find out what Izzy, Ozzy & Mum, Louisa have been filling up their time during Lockdown.

Feature: Urban Rainbows

Feature: Urban Rainbows Fun in shopping trolly

What have we been doing during the Lockdown? Oscar is missing playing football for the academy so has been practising in the garden for two hours a day and homeschooling. Izzy is unable to attend her athletics club so she has been taking most of her exercise mountain biking and every morning doing Joe Wicks PE Class. Izzy also loves baking so she’s been perfecting her skills. I, mum, have felt a little redundant, so taken to the upcycling of old furniture and continuing to improve in my hobby, photography.



Crew Credits for Urban Rainbows:

Photography & Styling by Mum Louisa @EditorialKidzStyle

Models: Oscar @i.am.ozzy.model. Izzy @iam.Izzy.model





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