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By guest contributor Gaylin Nicole of @gaylinnicole

With the weather beginning to warm and summer inching closer each day it is finally time to start packing up the mittens and puffy jackets!

As the Spring collections roll in at Ruth and Ragnar, the heart eyes emoji becoming a real facial expression! Keep reading for my top picks.

1. The gorgeous Navajo Minna Jumpsuit by Petitbo is perfect to wear on any occasion such from beach to city, or even for Easter.

2. The Striped XL – Tee by Koolabah has an edgy yet classy look that would look stunning on a boy or a girl.

3. The Pleat Jungle Dolman Tee by Agatha Cub is a total eye catcher and another unisex piece gorgeous design stands out from the crowd.

4. Agatha Cub’s equally stunning Fan Violet Running shorts combine a retro feel with a futuristic vibe. These shorts are unisex and perfect for running around.

5. For any bohemian style lovers out there the Creme Diamond Mai Shorts by Petitbo are a must have.

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Gaylin Howbert is a stay at home mother who is passionate about children’s fashion and photography. A contributor to Hooligans magazine, Gaylin lives in Southern California where she enjoys spending time outside with her husband Josh and son Jace, age two. Keep up with her on Instagram @gaylinnicole



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