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Natasha Bridges has recently ventured into the world of blogging and now blogs about life with her son Oak at Growing Oak. Natasha has a passion for photography and loves to capture and document magical moments of Oak growing up in the stunning Shropshire countryside which is just near the English-Welsh border in the UK.  You can follow Natasha and Oak on Instagram @growing.oak

When I recall happy childhood days, the first memory which always springs to mind is my time spent staying at the farm. A memory I want to pass onto my son Oak. Therefore, visiting my good friend’s old fashion farm has to be an obligatory fun past time. A place where Oak can sit on a rusty old tractor and imagine ploughing fields or driving around the farm chasing the chickens and other farm animals which may be in the way of his runaway tractor.

Farmer John, the owner of the farm, has the most wonderful simple life. He still wears holy jumpers and overalls, air conditioning in the summer is his reasoning, which he probably originally wore back in the 1950’s. He claims they still have plenty of life if sewn back together, in his mind everything should be built to last to its best ability, a forefather of sustainable thinking. An ethos which runs true to designer Leigh Montague Monty & Co brand, who’s timeless 100% manufactured in Britain made pieces are inspired by both historical and traditional workwear with longevity at its core.

The unisex Monty & Co engineer boilersuit in sulphur blue was the perfect functional hardwearing garment to wear whilst be a farmer boy. Fixing machinery, cleaning the corn hopper and sorting out the oil cans requires plenty of movability and freedom. The tunnel waistband with a fully elasticated waist accommodated this with the added bonus of fitting beautifully on Oak. The deep pockets and plenty of them being handy to store his tools, enabling him to keep his mind on the tasks ahead of him. Trust me when I say this is a boilersuit with attention to detail.

Now all the hard maintenance work at the farm yard had been accomplished it was time to check on the arable crops and wildflowers planted to encourage bees. I don’t know about you but when I imagine the old rural life I have memories of children playing and working in bib and braces, to me it epitomises country living in the summer.

The stunning 100% cotton denim  Monty & Co Porter dungarees in indigo stripe with antique brass buckles, gave a lending hand, allowing ease for Oak to dance amongst the purple wildflowers, like a honey bee, happy and free.

The dust blows, the dark clouds are coming near, but peace seems to overcome us, the sun is still shining for the time being. Oak runs through the zigzag tractor pathways amongst the gently swaying corn crops while sweet giggles of child happiness echo through the winds breeze towards me.

Monty & Co believe that children should be free to Play – Work – Create – Discover. Oak certainly did all those four attributes down on the farm and although his boiler suit and dungarees could do with a good wash, the utmost quality still remains the same. These are garments made with passion. Certainly, a future family heirloom to treasure and pass down. A big thumbs up too from John the farmer who desires matching pairs himself.

You can follow Natasha and Oak @growing.oak

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Clothing credits:

Oak’s ENGINEER Boilersuit from Monty&Co. Use juniorstyle10 to receive the discount on your order from Monty & Co.

Oak’s checked shirt: Caramel

Oak’s Boots: Primigi

Oak’s PORTER Dungarees from Monty&Co. Use  juniorstyle10 to receive the discount on your order from Monty & Co.

Oak’s Vest: petit bateau

Oak’s Straw Hat: Farmer John




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